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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Online True Stories / hope you will take the time to visit...

I have recently revised the format and availability of my short stories.  Hopefully, some of you will be interested.  They appear on a sister blog titled Online True Stories.

As you may be aware, I originally posted my complete stories, and then subsequently reverted to truncated versions.  I did not do this to frustrate potential readers.  It had been called to my attention that some of the stories contained coarse language and dark situations, not exactly X-rated, but approaching it; and that the possibility existed that children (perhaps children who know me well) might read the stories.  The stories are meant to be realistic in language and content, with a sometimes mystical or paranormal facet, maybe a bit shocking at times, graphic, but not pornographic.

Anyway, I believe I’ve fixed that situation and will make the entire story or stories available upon request.  No charge, just a request that you will give me some feedback after reading the story.  I have other stories in the pipeline.

Please visit the Introduction page of Online True Stories for more information.

True Nelson