Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jodi Arias found guilty of Murder in the First Degree

Jodi Arias has been found guilty of Murder in the First Degree for the killing of her one time ‘boyfriend,’ Travis Alexander.  I suppose that I was a little surprised by the verdict.  Although, I think the jury made the right decision.  I had previously mentioned to friends and one of my readers that I expected a verdict of Murder in the Second Degree – or a murder without the provable element of premeditation.  Why?  Well, in retrospect, and after hearing additional testimony in the trial, it’s hard to say.  I suppose that I was influenced by two elements – one, admittedly, not very professional.  First, the extreme violence was, in my opinion, not generally associated with a premeditated murder.  It was too over-the-top, too violent, too bizarre, too bloody with the manifest potential to reveal the identity of the killer.  Secondly, I suppose I was influenced by my personal perspective of the ‘gentler sex.’  I know.  I know.  I’m just getting soft.  It’s part of the aging process.  I realize that women can and do premeditate murder.  It’s just that women do not normally slaughter their victim in such a gruesome way.  Although, as they say, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’  I should have known better.  That’s why I have always appreciated others’ insights to my blog posts.

True Nelson
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