Friday, June 7, 2013

True’s Miscellany for June 2013

Lots to write about; but always looking for ideas from my readers.

Profiling:  A comment was received, a few weeks back, from someone who enjoyed my efforts (with doubtful success) to ‘profile’ one of my readers.  Although those with considerable experience in law enforcement and investigations often make fairly accurate judgments about individuals they come in contact with, that ‘ability’ only goes so far.  Personal judgments, or as some call it ‘profiling,’ are a survival skill that is often, but not entirely, accurate.  Often, perhaps a little too often, based on appearance alone – which has no relevance to an individual making an anonymous comment on this blog.

As far as my readers are concerned, I can usually guess if they are male or female, generally their educational level, perhaps a ball park estimate as to their age, and whether or not they would generally be a nice person with whom to have a conversation over coffee or tea.  That’s about it.  Nonetheless, I very much enjoy the comments – all of them.

Of course, some people know me personally.  And, I wonder if they are surprised by my comments on this blog; or, perhaps, not.  I am rather conservative in many respects, but not all.  Politically, yes, I guess that would be true.  The last Democrat for President that I voted for was Jimmy Carter.  However, I am a registered Independent and vote accordingly.  I have voted consistently for Ron Wyden (a Democrat), one of our Senators.  Why?  I think he works hard for Oregon and I like some of his thinking, but not all.  On the other hand, he now resides in the state of New York, and only visits Oregon occasionally.  He dumped his first wife, and now has a ‘trophy wife.’  Generally, I have a low regard for politicians, especially those that are lawyers (which he is).  So, I might have to rethink this.  And, then again, maybe not.  Are you getting the impression that I am somewhat conflicted politically?

Regarding the law, I feel there are too many laws and too little enforcement.  One of my pet peeves regarding attorney politicians is that they love to make laws; but concern themselves very little with the necessary enforcement.  A good example is ‘gun control.’  There are thousands of laws regarding guns at the federal, state and local levels.  Politicians want to make more laws:  “opiate for the masses.’  Give the public something to make them believe that he is actually doing something useful – and, bingo, he gets re-elected.  And so it goes.  What about term limits?  Sounds good to me.

OK, new subject:

Advertisements:  Some of you might have noticed that advertisements have started to appear on my blog.  I have been writing this blog for going on three years, and have no intention of quitting any time soon.  This is a first for me (advertisements), and an experiment.  I hope you will not consider this development overly mercenary.  It would be nice to pick up a few dollars to cover my costs.  So, thought I’d try it.  I just want you to know that I have no real control over the subject of the ads.  If you find something of interest, please check it out.  As the blog administrator, I am prohibited from clicking my blog’s ads.  As a consequence, I’m not sure what some of these companies, schools, etc. are about – so if you see anything offensive, let me know.

Thank you and best wishes,

True Nelson