Saturday, July 13, 2013

George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty! (In the Shooting of Trayvon Martin)

Yes, I am a little surprised.  The deck seemed stacked against Zimmerman.  And, I felt his last best hope was to establish himself on the stand, before the jury, as remorseful and sincere.  His attorneys felt otherwise.  Well, I was wrong about that – based on the ‘not guilty’ verdict.  Although, I wish I could have heard the jury’s deliberations.  I wonder how they arrived at the decision, and if they had difficulty reaching agreement.

Early on, I was convinced that the prosecution was not making their case for Murder Two.  Moreover, to my mind, Zimmerman was initially ‘over-charged,’ based on political reasons that had little to do with the law.  Angela Corey, aka the Pit Bull, can now retreat to her commodious and elegantly furnished dog house; where she can nervously chew the hair off her tail.

I felt the jury would split the difference on the final verdict and go with Manslaughter.  I underestimated the jury.  Worst of all, I may have projected a somewhat chauvinistic opinion regarding the all-female jury’s competence in evaluating the evidence.  The prosecution tried desperately to portray Trayvon as a mere child (much of the media did as well); for example the widely circulated depiction of Trayvon as a young boy, rather than the young man he had become.  But that tactic seemed to not impress the jury.  Furthermore, women are more likely to be anti-gun – at least most women.  If these women had such feelings, they seemed able to set them aside.

I think the jury made the right decision.  Some in the public and the media will criticize them.  I hope they, the members of the jury, will experience no untoward repercussions.  Their job was extremely difficult and unenviable.

This never was about race, as so many would like to categorize it.  But, it may not be over.  Reportedly, Trayvon’s family and supporters will be attempting to get the Justice Department and the FBI to open a Civil Rights case.  I don’t think that will fly unless the President and the Attorney General get behind the effort.  Even if that should occur, they would lose again.  I don’t think they would be willing to take the chance.

Regarding the President’s comment:  “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”  Not a big deal – like some would make it.  But… why would he say it?

Mr. President, I think your bias is showing.

True Nelson
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