Tuesday, August 27, 2013

True Nelson Visits France (Part 1)

Bonjour.  I know this is kind of an odd way to start my blog post.  But, I have just returned from France.  This was my recently completed vacation and is an explanation as to why I have not posted recently.  I will be writing about some of my experiences in France – my impressions, etc.  However, this will not be a day to day account of sites seen and museums visited.  For that I would recommend Rick Steves’ books.  No, it will be more personal than that, and it might interest some of you.  What does it have to do with my blog’s theme?  Well, it will be a view through my eyes, referencing my past experiences and their relationships to what I have just observed; and also there will be some law enforcement, crime aspects (not many, but a few).  We are after all friends.  Are we not?  This is what friends talk about.  For a detailed description of the Palace of Versailles, a study in incredible decadence, you should probably look elsewhere.

I was awake at 3:00AM this morning, but stayed in bed until four – thinking this is just too early to get out of bed.  The plane ride back from Paris to Amsterdam to Portland, yesterday, was grueling and unpleasant.  Remember when airplane travel was exciting and generally comfortable?  Well, maybe you’re not old enough to remember that.

Watson was very, very excited to see me upon my return.  For those unfamiliar with Watson, he is my little side-kick, alter ego, and buddy.

I will write more later.

True Nelson
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