Tuesday, August 13, 2013

True’s Miscellany for August, 2013 (Part 2)

With the Kyron Horman case officially placed in ‘pending inactive’ status by authorities, I’m not sure what we will be discussing in the near future.  This has the look of Kyron taking his place in law enforcement history alongside JonBenet.  It is a sad commentary.

Eric Holder, Attorney General and all around humanitarian has announced the imminent demise of ‘mandatory sentencing,’ a sentencing concept previously demanded by the public – and for many good reasons.  I have mixed emotions about it.  There have been abuses to the ‘mandatory sentencing’ guidelines, without doubt.  However, said guidelines almost certainly have made the streets safer for each of us, our families, and our friends.  Parole and probation, undoubtedly overworked, has been largely a failure.  No doubt that record of achievement will continue unabated.  Those paroled without significant punishment will return to their communities, and resume their previous lifestyles.  Holder refers to low-level drug dealers and users.  Sorry, I don’t buy it – his sincerity I mean.  He doesn’t really define ‘low level.’  Who decides?  A lot of really bad dudes will walk.  Reportedly, this will not apply to those already incarcerated, but that standard will evaporate eventually.  Mark my words.  Victims of crime will ultimately pay the price.

I need a break to recalibrate.  Send me some ideas.  Good books you’ve read.  Stick around.  Please read some of my previous posts.  Best wishes to all.

Watson is doing well and sends his regards.

True Nelson