Friday, August 2, 2013

True’s Miscellany for August 2013

This post will deal primarily with questions maybe some of you can help me with – some serious, some not.

Question:  Are you the public growing tired of the Kyron case – the perceived promises, the lack of progress, the media attention?  Have I overstayed my welcome in this subject area?

Question:  Do you feel that Desiree Young and Kaine Horman are sincerely expressing their true feelings about Kyron’s disappearance?  Yes, absolutely.  Yes, in part.  I’m beginning to wonder.  Self-promotion.

Question:  Do you think that Terri Horman is and has been receiving public assistance.  In other words has the public been subsidizing her self-imposed exile?  If not, where does she get any money?  Her parents.  Secret fans and sponsors.

Question:  Do you think that I should continue to write, occasionally, on Kyron’s disappearance?  If so, why?

New subject (frivolous):  I was in McDonald’s this morning getting a cup of coffee.  I often go there pick up a coffee and sit in my truck and read the morning paper.  Watson usually accompanies me.  And, he is generally good company.  He’s happy to hear what I have to say, if I choose to say anything; but never argues.  I digress.

There was a young man, about 25 to 30 getting an order ahead of me at McDonald’s.  He wasn’t a bad looking young guy, except he was starting to get a beer belly, or should I say a fast food belly.  Here’s my question:  He had a ring in his nose, and one of those miniature platters in each ear lobe.  Now, I know this is a generational thing, but does he honestly think this is attractive to the opposite sex?  Are there young women out there that are attracted to this sort of thing?  And, how does he blow his nose?

A month or two back, I was ridding MAX (Portland’s answer to rapid transit) and observed a young guy who had two horns tattooed on his forehead (sort of like the devil).  My friends and I started talking to this young man, asking such things as, what were you thinking?  He didn’t really have a good answer, said it was probably a mistake, and that he was saving money to have them removed.  Furthermore, he volunteered that he was a practicing Christian.  Wow, I said.  He said that he wears a hat when he goes to church.

It is perhaps none of my business what young people think now days.  But, questions that are unanswerable to me, fascinate me.  Is it a statement they are making?  If so, what’s the meaning of the statement?

I suppose this is why I’ve always loved my jobs.  It gives one a chance to be nosy.  This is especially true of law enforcement and PI work.  Some things, some answers to questions defy understanding, at least to those individuals that consider themselves ‘nomal.’  Some answers shock your socks off.  Perhaps, this is true with the young man with the nose ring.  Perhaps it is true with the young man who enters a shopping mall and starts shooting people.  Maybe, I would be unable to grasp or understand either’s answer.  I’m guessing the nose ring is totally different than shooting people in a mall or theater.  Or is it two extremes on different ends of the same spectrum?

People are so interesting.  They all have their secrets – some have deep dark secrets.  And, of course the ultimate secret that so many profess to have answered, surprisingly to me, is God.  What do some people know that I don’t?  No, no, I don’t expect you to try and answer this one.

Just some things on my mind at the moment.

True Nelson