Friday, August 9, 2013

Violent Assault on a School Bus in Gulfport, Florida

By now most of you have seen this; but I will add a hyperlink in case you have not.  This concerns the beating of a 13-year-old Caucasian boy by three 15-year-old African American boys – on a school bus in Gulfport, Florida.  The African American school bus driver reportedly did not try to intervene in the violent assault; nor, reportedly, did he check on the injured boy after the assault was over.  The driver did frantically, and I might add somewhat wimpishly, try to summon the police; but did little else.  My opinion is that he too was intimidated by the young Black hoodlums.  Again, according to published accounts, the white boy had reported the three as trying to sell marijuana – which precipitated the attack.

This is troubling to me, as it should be for all of us.  I had previously stated in the George Zimmerman trial that said incident was not about ‘race;’ and I believe the jury felt the same.  One could say that the school bus incident was also not about ‘race’ – just three young thugs doing what comes natural.

The race issue enters when so many prominent Blacks (and I include the President and Oprah Winfrey in this), insert and infer the concept of racial bigotry and racial hatred where it may not exist (i.e.: the Zimmerman case) – and is certainly not evident.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are lost causes with little credibility.  But, I had more faith in Oprah as fair minded (misplaced undoubtedly); and certainly the President is expected to be fair minded.  I’m not necessarily surprised by any of this, but I am perplexed.

Sometimes, I think our society is regressing.  The lines are hardening.  The great majority of Whites want African-Americans to succeed and take their place in society as most other minorities have.  And, it’s time that Blacks do not immediately jump on the self-serving wagon of the likes of Jesse Jackson.
Perhaps, our President should forget whatever previous racial injustices that he feels he experienced firsthand (which makes you wonder what they could possibly be, in view of his current status).  Perhaps, he should say that the 13 year old boy could be my son, my grandson, my nephew.  Perhaps, he should say that he is that boy’s President too.  I wonder if it’s too much to ask of a President apparently scarred by his life’s experiences.  How can we ever repay him for what he’s suffered?

True Nelson
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