Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Desiree Young and Kaine Horman discuss their differences with Dr. Phil

I was looking through my thesaurus for some new words.  I think I’ve pretty much worn-out bizarre and dysfunctional in describing Kyron Horman’s biological parents and his step-parents.  How about wacky and vulgar?

Recently, the biological parents (Desiree Young and Kaine Horman) appeared on the Dr. Phil TV show to talk about who was screwing whom, and who did Kyron like the best.  Most of this was old news, but one must wonder why Kaine and Desiree are doing this now.  It must be for the money.  Does dignity have a price?  For some, I think so.

Desiree and Kaine managed to agree that Kaine’s estranged wife, Terri Horman was responsible for Kyron’s disappearance.  They both seemed to agree that Kyron is probably alive somewhere.  This is, however, a revised position for Desiree who has said in the past that she believed Kyron was dead.

I’m starting to believe that he is still alive.  I think he probably ran off to join the circus.  Sorry, I know that is not a nice thing to say.  But, some of this is getting downright silly.

Terri Horman’s attorneys are starting to pull together their civil challenge – attempting to obtain a favorable divorce settlement from Kaine which allows Terri at least partial custody of her daughter.  Terri’s attorneys have been denied the ability to depose Sheriff Office investigators.  No surprise there.  However, they also plan to depose school officials, store employees, etc. – apparently trying to construct their own case in defense of Terri’s alibi.  I don’t actually think those promised efforts will go anywhere.  This is kind of what Desiree planned in her subsequently abandoned civil suit against Terri.  I think the true story here is so messy that neither side really wishes to have everything aired in public.  This recent development on the part of Terri and her attorneys is simply ‘smoke and mirrors.’  It too will pass.

True Nelson