Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kyron Horman, and Noteworthy Developments or maybe not

I haven’t talked about Kyron lately.  Nonetheless, when I begin to think there is nothing more to say, another little bizarre development arises.  No, we are not any closer to determining what happened to Kyron.  But, there are a couple of items.

First, the custody / divorce trial, imbroglio, shoot-out between Terri Horman and Kane Horman is getting closer – maybe.  The two are trying to establish terms for a psychological evaluation, basically attempting to ascertain whether or not Terri should be given some sort of visitation with her daughter, Kiara, approximately four years of age.  Kaine has had sole custody of Kiara for the last three years, and reportedly Terri has not seen her daughter during that period; a cruel situation for any mother.

Terri is willing to undergo the evaluation, providing that she is not asked anything about why or how her step-son, Kyron Horman disappeared.  Good luck with that.   I would hate to be the judge on this case.  What would he rule?  What would he say?  ‘Terri, until you are willing to talk completely and candidly about Kyron’s disappearance, you might as well head back to Roseburg.’  But, on the other hand, children are allowed to see their mother, even when the mother is serving a life sentence in prison.  How can he deny Terri?  It’s a thorny issue.

Then, believe it or not, Desiree Young (Kyron’s biological mother) is organizing searches for ‘evidence’ in Kyron’s disappearance – this is three years after the fact.  Moreover, she (Desiree) feels that they (the searchers) might have found some ‘evidence.’  It does not appear that law enforcement participated in this last search effort.  The search team (a crew of approximately 60 volunteers and 10 dog teams) searched an area in close proximity to Skyline Grade School.  The area had been searched before by law enforcement personnel - more than once.

Desiree held a press conference, after the search was completed, but didn’t explain why they searched that particular area, or what they were looking for.  My initial comment is that she might feel she has found some evidence; but, under the circumstances, it is doubtful that any items recovered would be admissible in court.

It appears that Desiree is willing to talk about anything and everything regarding Kyron, except the type of information the public would really like to know.  Ex:  Why the search?  What were you looking for?  And, what did you find?  This can’t possibly be confidential?  Perhaps, the answer or answers would be so inane that the public would start to tune her out.

I suppose it is one thing when law enforcement states they can’t release information because it might compromise the investigation.  But, when the mother of the victim uses that tactic under the above described circumstances, my reaction is, ‘nonsense.’

Question:  Does anybody know – where is Tony Young?  He is, after all, a police detective; and would understand chain-of-evidence.  Was he present during the recent search?

True Nelson