Saturday, September 28, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty / a Movie Review of Sorts / a Dark and Disgusting Motion Picture

Last night, I watched the movie Zero Dark Thirty, an alleged depiction of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.  Well, actually, I only watched about the first 45 minutes.  I was disappointed and disgusted.  I turned it off.

The movie starts with a black screen and the recorded sounds of ‘nine-eleven;’ the screams and departing messages from the actual victims.  This was the preface to justify what was to follow.  The following 45 minutes consisted mostly of repeated torture scenes at the hands of CIA operatives, and was graphically depicted.  It was nauseating to watch.

Whether or not this extreme torture was useful in locating Bin Laden, I do not know.  The movie apparently claims it was.  I, for one, doubt it.  The movie received good reviews, and was widely viewed, which makes one shudder at what the modern public finds entertaining.

The acting and directing were universally praised by the entertainment industry, which makes me believe that actors and those who make up that industry reside on another planet, or at least constitute some aberration in the human gene pool.

For example, Maya (Jessica Chastain) seemed almost hypnotically engrossed in watching the gruesome torture – not a leering fascination mind you, but in a detached sort of way.  She accurately portrayed a sociopath who is incapable of empathy.  However, to show her feminine sensitivity and the full range of her acting ability, she did at one point cover her nose due to the smell in the room – caused by the tortured man’s excrement.

Dan (Jason Clarke) was the typical bully on steroids and the principal torturer.  He often returned to his favorite catch phrases in addressing his victims:  ‘You lie to me and I’m going to hurt you;’ and ‘I own you.’

I might say to Jason Clarke, even though he probably is painfully aware of this, that acting is basically for sissies.  After a few takes, Mr. Tough Guy (the actor) gets in his Porsche and drives home to lounge around his pool.  Real men, our Special Operations boys, have to reap what you have so vividly sowed; perhaps ending up on the receiving end of the torture you portrayed.  After all, doesn’t it seem likely that our enemies would feel that turn-about is fair-play.

If this movie accurately depicted the techniques used by our CIA, then shame on us.  If this movie exaggerated or misrepresented the interrogation techniques used, then shame on the people who made this movie and those who praised it.  I’m not a religious person; but it seems appropriate to say:  ‘God Help Us.’

True Nelson