Thursday, March 6, 2014

True’s Miscellany / March 2014

I was in the fourth grade, nine or ten years old; and we had just moved into town.  We had been living with my grandparents on a small dairy farm.  I had to make new friends – sometimes easier said than done.

My mother bought me a small, very basic, toy printing press.  Each rubber letter had to be placed separately in a frame before they could be inked and run through the hand press.  It was very time consuming.  Nonetheless, I decided to start a neighborhood newspaper.  It was pretty basic, one page, and some brief comments about the neighborhood:  trash on the street, dogs and cats roaming around, weather, general things I observed from a young kid’s perspective.  I made ten copies and delivered them to our nearest neighbors.  I planned to put out one edition per week.  It gave me something to do.  My mother had to OK each edition.  She gave me a lot of encouragement.

The second edition didn’t go so well.  At the second or third house a lady answered the door.  She said, “Oh, we’re not interested.  Why don’t you give this to someone else?”  I went home.  That was the last time I played with the printing press.

It was one of those early life lesson’s we all learn along the way.  Not everyone is interested in what we have to say.

Recently, I discontinued my blog for a few days and considered bagging the whole deal.  Some things started to bother me.  Was this little more than gossip?  Do I offend some people or hurt their feelings?  What’s the point?  Am I accomplishing anything positive?  I think the answers to those questions are:  ‘yes,’ ‘probably,’ ‘I’m not sure there is a point,’ and ‘doubtful.’

After a few days it occurred to me that some people may read what I write; and spend, if only a fleeting moment, thinking about what I’ve written.  That’s a pretty heady concept in and of itself.  Moreover, I enjoy stating my opinions on various topics.  And, I enjoy reading readers’ comments.

So, I suppose, this blog is a rebirth of my long defunct newspaper.  I don’t have to deliver it door to door; and if someone doesn’t want to read it they can simply hit delete.  I should say, however, that I mean no harm to anyone.  These are just my thoughts.  It gives me an outlet, makes life a little more interesting and settled, and lets me vent.

Some of you might be interested and some not.  That’s life.

True Nelson
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