Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl 2015 / Play That Will Live in Infamy

Yes, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday.  And, yes, I was rooting for the Sea Hawks.  Fourth quarter, second down, one yard to go for the Hawks to win – about 20 seconds left in the game.

Everyone in the stadium, everyone watching on television, knew what the next play would be.  And, no doubt, the Patriots did too.  The ball would be given to Marshawn Lynch and he would punish the Patriots’ line; and score the go-ahead, winning touchdown.  But, instead, millions of spectators witnessed what will come to be known, in sporting annals, as the worst coaching decision in NFL history.  The Sea Hawks tried a short pass, over the middle, which was intercepted.  This is the ‘coaching call’ that will live in infamy.  The Patriots won the game.

But in retrospect, and admittedly I’m no expert, it did seem the Patriots, overall, played a better game – regardless of the final 20 seconds.  Congratulations New England Patriots.  And, Sea Hawks you played a great game, very exciting.

True Nelson
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