Monday, June 1, 2015

True's Miscellany, June 2015 / Politics, Old Friends and Me

I was at McDonalds this morning having coffee with two old friends – both of these friends, I’ve known since grade school.  In other words, we go way back.

I’ve been trying to avoid political discussions with them, both are fairly ‘liberal’ politically; and I, as you might have guessed, am fairly ‘conservative.’

What amazes me is that, in many respects, we three have similar childhood experiences.  We are from middle class or lower middle class families.  When young, we had few disagreements about anything.

We three graduated from the same college.  We all, to a significant degree, worked our way through college; occasionally, working side-by-side in the pear orchards of Southern Oregon - when we couldn’t find employment that paid a little more.  I arranged a double-date for one of these friends; and the woman later became his wife.  In turn, he arranged a double-date for me with my future wife.

Simpatico best describes the relationship between the three of us all these many years – except when it comes to politics.  Could it be that genetically we are predisposed to feel certain ways about certain topics; or could it be the life experiences after college?

Friend #1:  Known him since the second grade.  We were very close through high school and college.  As a career choice, he became an Elementary School teacher – and worked many years in that capacity prior to retirement.  Registered:  Democrat.

Friend #2:  Known him since the summer of my sixth grade.  He was two years younger.  Occupations:  He was on the same Sheriff’s Office as I was for a couple of years.  He later became a Marine Corps pilot.  Most of his subsequent career was with a large insurance company.  Registered:  Democrat.

Me:  Ten years in law enforcement (Sheriff’s Office and FBI), USAF, Corporate Security with an international cooperation; and lastly several years with my own small business offering Security Consulting and Private Investigations.  Registered:  Independent.

I suppose it is understandable that life choices (careers) can shape your personality.  On the other hand, could it be that personality shapes life’s choices?  And, what is it about politics that divides the three of us – philosophically?

I hope we remain friends – even though these two old friends, politically speaking, are wrong most of the time.

True Nelson
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