Tuesday, June 2, 2015

True's Miscellany, June 2015 / Politics, Old Friends and Me (Part 2)

Yes, I’m aware that my two friends are not “wrong most of the time.”  They just have a different opinion.  A straightforward opinion in many instances.  Whereas, sometimes, I feel I have no opinion at all.


They:     Abortion:  Women should have a right to choose.

Me:        When should they be able to choose?  When the fetus is two months, five months, eight months – when?  When does a fetus have rights?  What about a woman on her third or fourth abortion?  Does society have any rights or responsibility?  Who should pay for it?

They:     Global Warming, now referred to as Climate Change, is pretty much agreed upon as fact by scientists.

Me:        How do I feel?  I just don’t know.  I’m not sure it’s fact.  I can’t say it’s fact.  I’m not a scientist, but I know that they have made mistakes before.

They:     Our National Debt – not a big deal, it’s been greater (adjusted for inflation) in the past.

Me:        I think it is a big deal at over $18 trillion and increasing steadily every day.  If you work it out, every man woman and child in the U.S. owes approximately $57,000 – that has to be paid someday, by someone.  And, has the debt been greater in the past?  I don’t know.  Maybe, after World War II, when every American was required to contribute and sacrifice.

They:     Struggling public schools need more money.

Me:        Do they really need more?  Is that the answer?  Or is it part of the answer?  Are we sure?  Perhaps, more money will not solve anything?

They:     American infra-structure is collapsing and more money needs to be spent on roads, bridges and other public works.

Me:        OK, that’s fine.  Where do we get the money?  China?  More borrowing, or do we cut costs somewhere else.

They:     African Americans have little or no opportunity.

Me:        OK, but how do you help someone who doesn’t seem willing to pull themselves up?  We worked hard to get what we have.  We were going to school.  We were working from the age of 15 or before.  It wasn’t always easy.

Furthermore, look at all the children, in the African American community, born to single mothers.  I think the rate is 75% or more.  Where are the protectors, the fathers?  Do we go after them?  Make them help?  Make them contribute to their child’s welfare?  I’m not sure that would work.  So, if we provide more money in social services, will this just perpetuate the problem?  And, if the fathers won’t contribute, do we put them in jail?  Will that solve anything?

You see how these conversations can evolve, or should I say dissolve?  You see how friends can both be wrong and right at the same time.  You see how friendships can be fractured or become remote.  I suppose it is best not to discuss politics at all.

I’ll try and remember that.

PS:  You might wonder why I’m writing so much these last couple of days (off blog topic), when I should be playing golf.  I wish.  I’ve been limping around, taking 3 or 4 ibuprofen every day.  The doctor tells me I have Illiotibial Band Syndrome.  I can spell it, but I can’t pronounce it.  It’s very painful at times.  In a couple days, I will be going in for physical therapy.  I hope it helps.

True Nelson

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