Sunday, July 24, 2016

Democratic National Committee's Computer System 'Hacked' by Russian Operatives / Why? / I'll give you a reason you might not have considered.

Interesting development in the news:  The Democratic National Committee’s computer system was ‘hacked’ allegedly by Russian operatives who are now releasing numerous obtained communications via Wikileaks.  These released emails reportedly show that the DNC was covertly trying to sink Bernie Sanders’ Primary campaign.  This was long suspected by the Bernie Sanders’ campaign organization.  Recently, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Chairperson) was fired – obviously organizational crisis control.  But, that’s not what I want to discuss.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign staff are now trying to spin this new development, and to use it against Donald Trump.  They say that Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, or operatives close to him, are behind this; and that Putin is trying to discredit Hillary and the Democratic Party – therefore influencing the U.S. Presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.  I really doubt that.

Consider this:

Putin has dealt with Hillary Clinton and knows her quite well; but does not know Donald Trump.  Why would Putin try to influence an election in favor of Trump – an unknown entity?  And, do you actually believe that Hillary causes particular concern for Putin?  He probably believes that dealing with Hillary will be much the same as dealing with Barrack Obama – and he is probably fairly comfortable with that arrangement.

Consider this:

If the Russians are responsible for the ‘hack’ of the DNC’s internet system, could the information released by them to Wikileaks be a latent message to Clinton that they have also ‘hacked’ her private email server; and have information on her that could be embarrassing – possibly even cause her subsequent impeachment.  Let’s be honest, most of us now believe that Hillary will be the next President.  Putin also probably believes that Hillary will be the next President.

But, you might ask:  Why now?  Because it is timely and deviously clever.  Down the road, when they (President Hillary Clinton and Putin) meet, he could let her know, or intimate, that they share a secret about emails; and that private servers can, and often are, easily compromised.  Message:  Quid Pro Quo.

Finally:  If the Russians could ‘hack’ the DNC computer system, why couldn’t they ‘hack’ Hillary’s private server?  There were probably innumerable emails, back and forth, between Hillary’s private server and the DNC.  The Russians would know where to look.  Any intelligence service would put the full court press on this opportunity.  Our CIA would.  The Russians, without doubt, would too.

True Nelson
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