Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Presidential Election 2016 / O+M+G / Observations & Comments (Part Two - Donald Trump, Republican Candidate)

Let me say a few words about Donald Trump.

To my mind, Trump’s biggest problem is that he was born rich, has always been rich, and that he has never learned or acquired a ‘social filter.’  He has probably throughout his adulthood, possibly even in later childhood, surrounded himself with individuals who are, let’s face it, sycophants – or as many of us would say ‘brownnosers.’  Consequently, Trump often says whatever crosses his mind.  He blurts it out – expecting everyone to approve of his self-supposed cleverness and frankness, laugh at his jokes even when they’re not funny, and praise his many perceived although questionable qualities.  He seems mostly unaware that some of his statements personally hurt people; apparently because no one along the way, his ‘friends,’ business associates or even his family have pointed this out to him.  And, if anyone had dared, he’d probably consider it undeserved; and one way or another he’d strike back.  You often see this same trait in major athletes and some celebrities.  And, I suppose for the very rich this lack of a ‘social filter’ is common.  For the rest of us, Mom and Dad, friendly or not so friendly acquaintances put us in our place.

Example #1:  His disparaging words about John McCain’s military service.  McCain served bravely, enduring torture and surviving under very difficult circumstances.  His behavior during those years has been substantiated by his fellow captives who have praised his courage and leadership.  Trump’s words, incredibly, emanated from a man who had never even served in the military.  It really is unconscionable.  Why did he say it?  Well, he probably regrets it now.  I hope he does.  The point is he opens his mouth and he just lets fly – no ‘social filter.’

Example #2:  Trump’s description of what he considered to be John Kasich’s “disgusting” eating habits.  Why would Trump say such a thing?  I suppose he feels that if he can think it, he can say it.  He always has and probably always will.  Shouldn’t someone close to Trump advise him that decent people just don’t talk like that?  No one?  How about Melania?  Or would that mean, for her, a one-way ticket out the front door of her current, very luxurious mansion?

Example #3:  Is Trump a ‘Racist?’  Come on, let’s be honest here.  Black, White, Asian, everyone is a ‘racist’ to some degree.  It’s instinctive, tribal, part of our evolution.  Is Trump worse than the rest of us?  I don’t think there is any real evidence of that.  But, once again, Trump has opened his mouth and speaks what others might be thinking.  But, those others usually have the decency and the civility not to say it.

Can Trump be a good President?  Maybe, if he surrounds himself with strong advisors, both men and women who feel free to speak their minds.  But, I just don’t think he has it in him to allow straight talk from subordinates.  It’s not his nature.

What Trump needs is a modicum of humility (even if he has to fake it), and a crash course at a good ‘finishing school.’

On the other hand:  If I read one more article from Eastern liberals (who incidentally seem to have infested the New York Times) about how incredibly stupid, bigoted and uninformed Donald Trump supporters are, I may end up voting for him.

True Nelson