Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Malaysia Air Flight 370 Mystery / Boeing 777 / Search Continues

We are all fascinated by the mystery surrounding the missing Malaysia Air Flight 370.  I know that I am.

I admit that I know little or nothing about the Boeing 777’s capabilities and security measures.  Furthermore, there have been so many theories and reports, so many contradictions, that even the ultimate experts seem baffled.  Pilot suicide just doesn’t make sense from so many aspects.  Why would the pilot fly for hours contemplating what he planned to do?  Ordinary terrorist attack:  why would they not take responsibility?  Mechanical failure:  based on what we know, that doesn’t seem feasible.

Barring an alien abduction (and I’m sure that some individuals will be presenting that possibility before long), I think, nonetheless, we can say with some certainty that a crime has been committed.  Just what crime, we do not know and may not know for a considerable period of time.

Even if it is determined that the pilots or passenger/s were not directly responsible, there still could be an explanation that too would be criminal.  I will give you an example.  What about the airplane’s cargo?  No one seems to have been talking about that.  Some sort of incapacitating gas could have accidentally or by design escaped from the cargo hold and overcome the passengers and crew.  An effort to turn back could have been the crew’s last attempt to save the airplane before they succumbed.

Could the plane have been carrying an illegal cargo of some kind and did the pilots know it?  Or could the gas have been a test, of sorts, to ascertain a new lethal capability for any number of terrorist groups?  And, if such an act was ultimately duplicated, somewhere in the world, would not this virtually destroy, at least for a long time, the airline industry?  If so, would it not be to a group’s perverted advantage to not claim responsibility – at least not now - perhaps never.

The airplane will be found.  I’m certain of that.  If it crashed into the water, there will be debris that floats, and will be discovered.  Currents will be studied and the potential location of the crash greatly focused.

In the meantime, the mystery has the attention of the world.  And the anguish of the passengers' and crew's families will continue.

True Nelson
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