Monday, July 20, 2020

‘Race Relations, and My Life of White Privilege’... Part 2

Rereading Part 1 of my narrative and in consideration of what goes on seemingly every day in this country, I was more conciliatory than is called for – in my evolving opinion.  We just can’t set back and ignore what is happening to our cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, and others.

I will make this short and to the point.  We can’t just remain silent about the looting, vandalism and crime that is destroying the livability of our cities.  I know there are many of you throughout this great nation who feel like I do.   But you might ask, what can we do?  Well we need to show to others that we support our police, our military and our country.

I am asking all real Americans to fly the American flag outside their homes 24 hours a day until law and order is restored. 

THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.      Thomas Paine

True Nelson

to be continued...

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

‘Race Relations,’ and My Life of ‘White Privilege’... Part 1

Yes, everyone has their ‘two cents’ about current events.  And, I’m aware that no one is particularly interested in my observations on racial inequities.  Many might say that I have never experienced extreme racial bigotry and discrimination.  Therefore, I should just butt-out.  However, this is my blog, and the following comments reflect my thoughts – a diary of sorts.  I suppose, regarding the recent news coverage and commentary, I tend to take offense that being White is, by default, conditional racism – but I will be exploring this at more length.  Maybe, I’m wrong.  Some more personal aspects of my life I will reveal.  Maybe, this process will help me to focus, even learn something of value. 

Yes, depending on how you define it, I was born into ‘White Privilege.’  I am a Caucasian and kind of fair skinned.  Although, I’m not actually sure who all classifies as White anymore.  Are we now divided between White and Black?  Does Black include Brown?  Does White include those of Asian ancestry?  If you’re mostly White, but partly Black, when do you cross over?  My DNA indicates some of my ancestors originated in Northern Africa.  Moreover, science tells us that all human origins can be traced back to Africa.  Does that have any relevance? 

Oh, you say, ‘The above is idiotic.’  It’s not about ‘color’ it’s about slavery.  No, actually it is about color.  "Black Lives Matter." 

Of course, black lives matter.  No one I know disputes that.  Regarding slavery, no one now living in the United States ever owned slaves or was a slave. 

Another stupid comment.  It’s about the ‘founding’ of the country.

Yes, it was a terrible time when slavery was permitted, but it is long since passed.  Hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers were crippled and died in a Civil War to free the slaves – and most of those who sacrificed were White.  Slavery was wrong.  It was horrible.  And, an incredible price in blood was paid. 

What you say is not relevant.  You're not relevant.  You don’t get it!  You’re just like the rest of them.

Is Thomas Sowell relevant?

“First of all, anyone familiar with the history of slavery around the world knows that its origins go back thousands of years and that slaves and slave owners were very often of the same race.  Those who are ignorant of all of this, or who think of slavery in the United States as if it were the only slavery, go ballistic when anyone tells them that this institution was not based on race.  Blacks were not enslaved because they were black, but because they were available at the time.  Whites enslaved other whites in Europe for centuries before the first black slave was brought to the Western Hemisphere.” 

“What was peculiar about the American Situation was not just that slaves and slave owners were of different races, but that slavery contradicted the whole philosophy of freedom on which the society was founded.  If all men were created equal, as the Declaration of Independence said, then blacks had to be depicted as less than men.” 


All men and women are created equal.  OK, yes, we're still not perfect.  Can’t we work this out?  Haven’t sociologist told us that all of us, to a certain extent, have ‘tribal’ instincts that are probably part of evolution.  What does that mean?  Well, basically, people are more comfortable around others who look similar.  We all instinctively understand that.  However, that ingrained notion, that feeling, quickly dissipates when comfortable association is expected and respected, as in the military, or allowed as neighbors meet and socialize.  Most of us aren’t racists, not even close.  We just need that opportunity.

Well, I suppose you might respond that it’s about ingrained police racism, systemic, perhaps somewhat latent, but actual racism throughout the country, and that is the reason we burn and loot and destroy – and will continue to do so until the country as we know it is torn down and reformed. 

Let me just say that this discussion is seemingly going nowhere.  If we are unable to communicate, to compromise, we now must, each of us, go to our own corners – and wait for the final confrontation.  If we can’t talk.  If we can’t reason.  What is left?  The outcome, I will leave to everyone’s imagination. 

True Nelson

Friday, June 26, 2020

True's Miscellany: Law enforcement / Police Reform, 'No Knock Warrants / 'Choke Holds' / and The Thomas Sowell Reader

It’s been quite a long time.  Since... I stopped blogging because everything has become so controversial – and potentially could lead to losing or compromising longtime relationships.  You see I presently live in a liberal sector of a liberal state.  And that can lead to a lonely feeling at times.  Nonetheless, life experiences, perhaps even genetics, have made me rather conservative.  I am pro-military, pro-law enforcement, and on appropriate holidays I proudly display the American flag.  But I best not talk too loudly about those tendencies – not in these parts.  I spent four years in the military.  I spent 10 years in law enforcement (3 years as a deputy sheriff and seven as a Special Agent in the FBI).  Thus noted as an effort to furnish context or relevance to some of my comments. 

From what I see, the protestors and hooligans won’t have to hold their breath too long over the dismantling of many city police departments.  The departments will rapidly implode.  The good people, the quality officers, the ones you might really want to retain, will leave.  Corruption will follow.  Gang violence, the struggle for dominance will prevail.  And who will suffer the most.  Well, of course, the same communities suffering now – but it will be worse – much worse, and it will be principally the black communities. 

Some thoughts on current topics: 

‘No knock warrants’ to be banned:  I’m not sure any living (the operative word here) police officer would favor banning ‘No knock warrants.’  Unless, of course, they harbor some sort of death wish.  Perhaps, we are talking semantics here, but to me this means no warrant could be ‘served’ without knocking and advising the resident who you are.  I have been involved in a few arrests – the ‘No Knock’ version.  They almost always involve very dangerous offenders, some of whom have sworn they would not be taken alive.  If an officer was to stand outside a door of such an offender, then knock and identify himself, well, that sounds very close to a suicidal tactic as far as I’m concerned.  The probable incoming fire will take out everyone standing around outside the door.  Just my opinion, but if any Chief of Police prohibited his officers from using this ‘no knock’ tactic with dangerous offenders; what can I say other than – he or she is an idiot. 

The ‘infamous choke hold’:  I was taught this in SWAT training in the ‘70.  Had it tried on me (training purposes) not full on. It isn’t pleasant.  Impression:  Could be useful in an all-out fight, but not very practical.  It is applied from behind.  Unless you somehow could get behind a strong, struggling and fighting offender, in a life or death situation, you might be able to apply it.  Personally, I never had the occasion to use it, and never met anyone who did.  Should it be banned?  Probably.  There are unknown medical consequences associated with interrupting the carotid arteries. 

Shooting a fleeing felon”:  In the ‘old days’ a deputy could, under certain circumstances, shoot a fleeing felon.  The reason being that the subject could resultingly harm or kill others if he wasn’t stopped.  This standard was not supported in the FBI.  Their unofficial policy was:  If we can’t get him today, we’ll get him tomorrow or the next day.

I’ve just been reading a book for the second time.  The first time I read it (a purchase), was a few years back.  It is ‘The Thomas Sowell Reader.’  It has helped me focus my thoughts on current events in so many ways.  For those of you who do not know of Thomas Sowell and / or haven’t read his book – well, he is an exceptionally brilliant man and a Professor of Economics at Stanford.  I highly recommend the book.   And, if perhaps it might make a difference to some, he is African American.  Great read.  The book is so well written and an education for all of us. 

Monday, December 23, 2019

True's Miscellany / Impeachment, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, James Comey, and President Donald Trump

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  It seems the current political discourse has sucked the will to expound, on almost any subject, right out of me.  Is it just me?  Now, everything seems political to one degree or another – frustratingly so.

A rhetorical question:  Can our opinion of politicians sink any lower?  Impeachment?  Please just get it over with one way or another.  I understand that many of you do not like the President personally.  I get it.  I’d understand if you wouldn’t want to work for him, or even socialize in proximity to him.  And, you could easily claim that he is not a very nice man.  But, he was elected.  Personally, my opinion is that 'nice people' usually do not get elected to prominent governmental positions - particularly the Presidency.

However, the economy is doing great.  He generally supports law enforcement and the military.  He is making NATO members pay their assigned share for their own protection.  He’s trying to secure our border.  The claim that he is a ‘racist’ has been shown repeatedly to be phony.  And, many African Americans and Hispanics are beginning to recognize that.

More importantly, next November we can vote one way or another.

But do we have to endure Nancy’s torture for months or maybe a complete year.  And Adam Schiff, you have to admit that he is one weird dude.  Check his eyes.

And yes, I’ve been following this FBI situation for the last few years – Comey, McCabe, etc.  I warned that the fix was in for Hillary Clinton way back.  I wrote on this extensively in my blog – early on.  Go to my blog’s search tab and put in Hillary Clinton James Comey.

Comey is a disgrace, but more importantly he is a whiner in spades - becoming increasingly nauseating to most in the public.

Andy McCabe – perhaps the brains behind the cabal.

Page and Strzok – brainless.

The FISA Court rebuke.  A real punch in the gut for the Bureau.

And the FBI:  Perhaps it’s time to have someone head the FBI who isn’t another lawyer from the Justice Department.  Perhaps a Chief of Police of a major city.  Perhaps a military leader widely respected.  I would prefer the latter.  Clean house.

True Nelson

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 17th, Demonstration in Portland, Strong Police Presence, "Mass Arrests" Possible

I haven’t written anything recently in my blog.  Everything these days is about politics and our society is so divided – especially in the Portland Metro area – that, well, if you have any opinion on almost anything, particularly in support of the President or conservatism, it could be construed by a friend, or even a family member, as offensive.  And, in some instances, with certain people, it could be downright fighting words.  Portland is a liberal stronghold – no doubt about that.

Probably a surprise to some who know me, I want to give my compliments to Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Bureau Chief, Danielle Outlaw.  (Although somewhat guarded compliments I suppose).  Apparently, they have stated they will tolerate no violence or criminality during the forthcoming “gathering” of demonstrators on August 17th in downtown Portland.  “The mayor issued a strong repudiation of instigators” of violence.  And, additionally stated there would be a “strong police presence” with “mass arrests” if required.  (Quotes from the Portland Oregonian, August 7th).  Good for Mayor Wheeler and Chief Outlaw.

I have a feeling that the tough talk and new police tactics should be principally credited to the insistence of the Chief, rather than the Mayor's idea; but what do I know?  The new tactics are a bit late (in my opinion) because, at the last demonstration (riot), left-wing demonstrators (believed to be Antifa) seriously injured a conservative writer, Andy Ngo – brain hemorrhage requiring hospitalization I understand. Not sure any arrests were made – demonstrators are allowed to wear masks (not kidding).  I’m guessing that Wheeler and Outlaw decided that they better take charge and do something - before someone gets killed.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that August 17th will be peaceful. 

True Nelson 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

This is my Tribute / June 6, 2019 / to the World War II Vets / Thank you and God Bless

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." 
                                                               John Stuart Mill (1806 - 1873) 

Battle of Normandy / Operation Overlord / D-Day 
Battle of the Bulge 
Battle of Okinawa 
Battle of Midway

And so many other places, some forgotten by history... 

 True Nelson