Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dave's Killer Bread Founder is back in the Slammer / Dave Dahl / Part 2

It often seems, after publishing a blog post, I have some additional thoughts, even second thoughts, about what I said.

A couple of additional comments are in order:

First, I think Dave Dahl’s bail was way too low, if the reported circumstances are accurate.  Bail was originally set at $250,000; but, subsequently, reduced to $20,000.  The $20,000 figure is chump change to Dahl, who kicked in a mere $2000 (10%) with a bail bondsman picking up the rest. The theory behind bail is that the judge should set a sum that would insure, within reason, a subsequent appearance by the defendant in court.  It’s meant to hurt a little – give the defendant some serious consequences if he decides to skip.  As far as Dahl is concerned, $20,000 won’t cut it.  He probably did more than $20,000 dollars in damage to the patrol cars and the required medical treatment for our deputies.

Furthermore, Dahl endangered lives as he attempted to escape capture.  Additionally, he is an x-felon – a wealthy one at that.  I’m not sure, but he might still be on parole status.  The judge should have kept the bail high to emphasize the serious nature of his offense; and the judge should have made it clear to Dahl that he (Judge Eric Butterfield) considered the matter serious – which he did not.

Steve Houze, Dahl’s attorney, stated to the judge that Dahl’s behavior was “clearly a mental health issue.”  My question would be; precipitated by what?  I think most of us could make a pretty good guess.  Houze even said that Dahl’s condition was “extremely fragile.”  Does anyone honestly buy that?  This guy survived fifteen years in the penitentiary.  Come on Steve, you make the guy sound like he’s Miss Prim.  I bet the boys in the joint didn’t consider him ‘fragile.’  Attorneys have such a way with words, don’t they?

True Nelson

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