Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Final Comments by Former FBI Agent / Re: Megyn Kelly's Interview of Bill Ayers

As a former FBI Special Agent assigned to the Weatherman Squad, Berkeley Resident Agency (mid-1970s), I’d like to make a few more comments regarding Megyn Kelly’s recent interview with Bill Ayers.

It would be interesting to know how much the Fox Network paid Ayers to appear, because he certainly did not do himself any favors.  Ms. Kelly, with her rapid fire, no nonsense, interviewing technique, shredded Bill and his lame rhetoric – rhetoric that he had rehearsed over and over these many years.

During my three year assignment in Berkeley, I became an expert on the Weatherman, which subsequently evolved into the Weather Underground.  I read all their communiques, analyzed their speeches and comments, charted their family, friends and acquaintances; and conducted related investigation.

Of the Agents I worked with, their feeling at the time was that Bernardine Dohrn was the real leadership and principal motivator/instigator in the Weatherman.  She was considered by our group as somewhat sexy, but definitely sociopathic.  Ayers, on the other hand, we often joked about; stating our belief that he joined SDS and the Weatherman so that he could finally get ‘laid.’  Our mistaken belief, at the time, was that Bill was not a sociopath - meaning he might have second thoughts about some of his activities.  However, his persistent efforts over the subsequent years to alter the truth about himself and the Weatherman organization has changed my opinion on that.  He continues to demonstrate that he has no real regrets, no sympathy for the harm he has done and continues to do.  He appears to actually believe that he has caused no harm, and that sympathy or empathy toward others is not required.  He does, in other words, demonstrate a true sociopathic personality.

During the stated interview, I took a few notes:

Ayers said in the interview:  That during the period in question, there were about 20,000 bombings; and that the Weatherman “took credit for twenty.”  He was attempting to give the impression that the Weatherman were pretty much small potatoes compared to all the other bombers operating.  First, I’m not sure where he got the 20,000 figure.  More importantly, he said, “Took credit for twenty.”  “Took credit for” are the operative words.  He has used that phrase many times in the past.  The FBI was quite certain that the Weatherman group were responsible for many other bombings, including, in all probability, the bombing of the Berkeley Resident Agency on March 27th, 1975.   An Agent, who was stationed in the office, could have easily been killed that night.  The Red Guerilla Family publicly took credit for that bombing.  A group unknown to us.  The case was never solved, but we strongly believed the Weatherman or their immediate affiliates were behind it.

In the interview, Ayers stated how corrupt and violent the Chicago Police were and currently are; that they torture suspects to get confessions.  On the other hand, he said, in his smirky, self-riotous way, that he “hangs out” and chats with police officers at the local coffee shops in the neighborhood.  My advice to the Chicago Police is your reputation is already less than stellar.  So, ‘Stop hanging out with a domestic terrorist, and spend more time helping your honest citizenry.’  Furthermore, ‘Stop torturing confessions out of people.’  For those who don’t appreciate sarcasm, I don’t actually believe the Chicago PD tortures people.  However, I do wonder about the IQ of their officers who find it good fun to hang out with Ayers.

I wish that Kelly would have asked Ayers if he would be willing to take a polygraph regarding some of the statements he made during the recorded interview.  Just to set the record straight.

This might surprise some of you, but the part that bothered me the most was how Ayers continues to denigrate the American military and those who served honorably, particularly in Vietnam.  I would ask Ayers, what is wrong with you?  At least, let that part of your rhetoric die-away.  It so obviously demonstrates your sociopathic personality – no empathy.  What about the families who lost loved-ones in Vietnam?  Can’t you at least allow those families something, some peace, some semblance of pride?  Have you no shame?  Of course, I know the answer to that.

Bill, you suggested that a monument, perhaps more than one monument, be erected to honor American military deserters; that they were, in fact, the true heroes.  Your Vietnam deserter brother, the one you called a war hero, is he as nutty as you?  Does he consider himself a war hero?  And, does mental illness run in your family?

I’m sure you got ‘laid’ many times as a member of the Weatherman.  It sort of went with the territory didn’t it?  So, I guess it paid-off for you.  But, time moves on little buddy.  Even Bernardine has, I’m sure, grown tired of you long ago.  And, she is not the only one.

Post Script:  One last thing.  I don’t happen to believe that Barrack Obama’s 'friendship / acquaintance / barely-knew-him' relationship with Ayers is a big deal.  We all know that most politicians would willingly lie down in a bed of snakes if it would help them get votes.

True Nelson
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