Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Megyn Kelly's Interview of Bill Ayers / Part 2

Well, I watched the second part of Megyn Kelly’s interview of Bill Ayers.  It was much of the same.

I was particularly disappointed in the comments of the two formerly undercover FBI Agents; especially, Willie Reagan, who seemed completely ill-prepared to appear on television.  I tend to fault the production crew.  Although, maybe I’m wrong about that.  Willie didn’t appear to understand Kelly’s questions and mostly rambled incoherently, unable to make a single point in his allotted time.  Did the production company brief him on the questions to be asked and that the on-air time would be limited?  Was not he asked to keep his answers succinct, straightforward, and informative?  Did he disregard the production crew’s advice?  Disappointing.

When in Berkeley, in the 70s, I handled (was the contact Agent) for a ‘beard,’ as they were referred to at the time.  In that capacity, I attended meetings with Reagan and other undercover Agents.  Reagan was something of a legend.  However, during my meeting with him and others, I was not that impressed.  I later commented to the Agent that I was handling that Willie has been ‘under’ too long.  Nonetheless, Reagan did, allegedly, obtain some good information, and endured some very difficult and stressful times.  If he now suffers from some sort of post-traumatic issue, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I must say that Megyn Kelly did a pretty good job.  Bill Ayers has been preparing for decades to answer all the tough questions.  Megyn Kelly had to commit much of her information to memory to sustain a rapid fire interview.  I commend her efforts.  She must be a very smart cookie.

True Nelson
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