Friday, July 27, 2018

Consider This Under True's Miscellany: Donald Trump – as compared to other 'flawed' Presidents

It seems always about Donald Trump – when discussing politics with your friends and relatives. It's much safer to discuss religion or sex; or even sex in religion. At least then others are prepared to listen as far as the end of your sentence before cutting you off.

When you live in Portland, Oregon, you can rest assured that most everyone around is a Democrat and or a 'liberal.' It is easy being a Democrat and a liberal in this locale. You can publicly and widely proclaim, in no uncertain terms (to even strangers on the street), how you hate Trump specifically and Republicans in general; and you will not be challenged – certainly not by that sullen character standing over there on the corner waiting for a bus to a distant suburb.  He's learned his lesson.

I suppose, as a person, I can't say that I particularly like Trump. There is a lot to dislike – no 'social filter.' He says whatever half-baked comment passes through his head. Sometimes, more than sometimes, he hurts people needlessly. It's so unnecessary and inexcusable.

Yes, he's something of a bully and a 'womanizer.' What multi-millionaire or billionaire isn't? Let's be honest. Oh, OK, (possible exception) maybe not Warren Buffett.

Regarding Trump's sexual escapades: Yes, he has paid for sex numerous times. Hasn't every billionaire? Come on. Admit it. Sometimes, they had to marry the woman. Sometimes not. But one way or another, they paid. Money is, after all, a very powerful aphrodisiac (well, maybe that isn't exactly the word I'm searching for). Let's just say that one is very popular when one is loaded. And that others, females and males, tend to overlook the lesser qualities, like (for example) being a 'jerk' (a slang term for somebody who is regarded as behaving foolishly). I'm not saying that Trump is a jerk or worse, but some might say that.

On the other hand, it is conceivable that Trump might turn out to be a good President, maybe even great, and actually accomplish something momentous. I would contend that it is too early to tell.

Past Presidents haven't necessarily been nice guys or good Presidents?

What's that you say?

Well, let's see:

Kennedy was a womanizer in spades, but some considered him a pretty good President. I did.  Although, I was kind of young at the time; and perhaps not the best judge.  Anyway, from what I've read.

Johnson apparently wasn't a nice guy and was a womanizer when he could talk a woman into it – which I'm sure wasn't that easy for him. Not a very good President in my opinion. Many in the military paid that price with their lives.

Nixon was reportedly faithful to Pat, but he wasn't a nice guy.

George W. Bush was reportedly a nice guy and a loyal husband, but he was accused of being a 'draft dodger' (I don't happen to share that opinion); and that he 'lied' to get us to go to war with Iraq (another opinion I don't happen to subscribe to). And that he wasn't very smart (again I don't happen to agree).

George Bush, the Elder, reportedly a pretty nice guy; but gossip is that he did some things on the side.

Obama? Reportedly, a nice guy; but a good, internationally respected President? History will decide. I'm doubtful. I might say the same about Carter.

And finally Clinton, oh my god. He set the 'low bar.' And was only the second President in history to be impeached; and the first to be disbarred for perjury.  We'll not go into the womanizing.  However, some thought he was a fairly good President.

Call me a cynic; but I don't think really, truly nice guys or gals would ever get elected President; and if by chance they did, I'm not sure history would treat them that kindly – sort of 'ho hum' I would imagine.

True Nelson