Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jennifer Huston, Missing Woman's Body Found / Resident: Dundee, OR

I’ve been thinking of things to write about.  I’m growing a little tired of writing about crime, criminals, corrupt cops, dishonest and/ or insincere politicians.  But…

I do think the circumstances surrounding the death of Jennifer Huston, resident of Dundee, Oregon, are very odd – at least based on what we know so far.  There are three possibilities or potential causative factors that might have led to her death:  natural causes, suicide, or homicide.

The most recent information disseminated by law enforcement was that they are continuing to investigate, but that there are no signs of ‘foul play.’

Natural Causes:  Highly unlikely, in my opinion.  If someone is gravely Ill, and reportedly she had been having headaches, that person would travel toward medical help; not drive out in a desolate part of rural Oregon.

Suicide:  Perhaps, but why bother with driving to such a remote area?  We don’t know the cause of death.  If she shot herself, I suppose it’s conceivable that someone might seek-out a remote location.  If she took a fatal dose of pills, or ended her life in some less violent manner, again there would be no need to seek a remote location where your body might not be discovered for an extended period of time.  And, of course, the unanswerable question:  Why would such a lovely, young woman with two small children do such a thing?  Was she terminally ill?  Doubtful.  Her husband would have known that information.  And, was there a note left behind?

Homicide:  Based on initial reports, that seemed the most likely circumstance.  Thankfully, I guess we might say, that was not the case.

Sometimes there are just no answers.  The one person who knows the answer is gone.  And, sometimes even that person could not explain, what might have been to her, the unexplainable.

True Nelson
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