Monday, August 18, 2014

Kyron Horman / Should Terri Horman be Charged? Or an Apology?

Re:  My post of August 16th, 2014, I received a comment, which is set forth below, that I felt I should address with somewhat more specificity.  I’m sure there are many out there who have the same perspective as Anonymous – and are frustrated by the slow progress in this investigation.  The anonymous comment was:

“Terri has never been charged with a crime after more than 4 years. Why haven't LE charged her? Could it be because they have no evidence? Just because Desiree thinks Terri did it is no reason this hater crowd stalks this woman. Either charge her if you have something on her or let her go. I hope when all this is over she sues these 4 idiots & takes DD's cousin down as well!”  August 18, 2014 at 10:11 AM

I believe the four idiots she/he is referring to are the four women who testified at the hearing regarding the proposed name change.  I’m doubtful that their testimony had any particular influence on the Judge’s final decision to deny Terri Horman’s request for a name change.  I don’t know, but do not believe that any of the four women held any official capacity or possessed pertinent information other than what has been published in the media. In fact, unsubstantiated vitriol may have actually worked in Terri’s favor.

Regarding DD’s cousin, I’m not sure what Anonymous is referring to; but realize that some of you have followed this case more closely than I have.

Regarding the law enforcement investigation, the apparent lack of progress, and the inability to even characterize someone as an official suspect, it has frustrated all of us.  Why is this?

My belief is that the high profile nature of this case, the retaining of prominent, high-powered defense representation, the miscues by investigative organizations early on; and a lackluster, professionally insecure prosecutive staff have paralyzed any progress.  At this point, the only thing that will move this case along is the discovery of Kyron (presumably dead at this point), or a major reorganization at the Multnomah County Prosecutor’s Office.

I tend to agree with Anonymous in some sense.  Terri Horman, after all that has been said and done, should be charged with something.  I can’t say what crime exactly, because I have not seen what evidence is available.  BUT… If there has been absolutely no prima facie violation, no indictable crime committed in any respect; well, I think Terri deserves some sort of official apology.

However, the prosecutor will not apologize, nor will he attempt prosecution on a lesser charge.  Why?  Because now, after all the publicity, the false promises, the absurd, often unsubstantiated allegations, the official posturing and bravado, the Multnomah County Prosecutor would become a local laughingstock.  That office has taken the position that it is all or nothing, murder or nothing.  In their private conversations they are saying, ‘Look, right now, the Sheriff’s Office and the other investigative agencies are taking the heat.  If we prosecute on any charge, particularly a lesser charge and lose, our careers will go right in the dumper.  Let’s wait and see.  Maybe, they will find the body.  And, if not, the public tends to forget.’

Will the public forget?  Yes.

True Nelson
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