Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 17th, Demonstration in Portland, Strong Police Presence, "Mass Arrests" Possible

I haven’t written anything recently in my blog.  Everything these days is about politics and our society is so divided – especially in the Portland Metro area – that, well, if you have any opinion on almost anything, particularly in support of the President or conservatism, it could be construed by a friend, or even a family member, as offensive.  And, in some instances, with certain people, it could be downright fighting words.  Portland is a liberal stronghold – no doubt about that.

Probably a surprise to some who know me, I want to give my compliments to Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Bureau Chief, Danielle Outlaw.  (Although somewhat guarded compliments I suppose).  Apparently, they have stated they will tolerate no violence or criminality during the forthcoming “gathering” of demonstrators on August 17th in downtown Portland.  “The mayor issued a strong repudiation of instigators” of violence.  And, additionally stated there would be a “strong police presence” with “mass arrests” if required.  (Quotes from the Portland Oregonian, August 7th).  Good for Mayor Wheeler and Chief Outlaw.

I have a feeling that the tough talk and new police tactics should be principally credited to the insistence of the Chief, rather than the Mayor's idea; but what do I know?  The new tactics are a bit late (in my opinion) because, at the last demonstration (riot), left-wing demonstrators (believed to be Antifa) seriously injured a conservative writer, Andy Ngo – brain hemorrhage requiring hospitalization I understand. Not sure any arrests were made – demonstrators are allowed to wear masks (not kidding).  I’m guessing that Wheeler and Outlaw decided that they better take charge and do something - before someone gets killed.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that August 17th will be peaceful. 

True Nelson 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

This is my Tribute / June 6, 2019 / to the World War II Vets / Thank you and God Bless

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." 
                                                               John Stuart Mill (1806 - 1873) 

Battle of Normandy / Operation Overlord / D-Day 
Battle of the Bulge 
Battle of Okinawa 
Battle of Midway

And so many other places, some forgotten by history... 

 True Nelson

Saturday, May 18, 2019

True’s Miscellany: Corporation Taxes / Good or Bad / Sounds kind of boring, I know.

Recently, the State of Oregon passed a new tax on corporations (allegedly) to fund schools.  First, I have my doubts that the schools will see many of those dollars.  Most of the dollars will probably go to the general fund and to shore-up the grossly underfunded and poorly managed PERS program (Public Employee Retirement System). 

But... The subject is about taxing corporations.  Why am I discussing this?  Yes, I know it doesn’t seem to fit with my blog’s theme.  I suppose it’s timely, and anyway it was just on my mind this evening.

Politicians (whom, as I’ve said before, I hold in very low esteem) like to spin this new tax like it’s pretty much money from heaven with no strings attached.

Well, to answer the question as to whether or not taxing corporations is a good thing or a bad thing, it is neither.  It’s just another tax.  But please understand... 

Corporations do not pay taxes and they never have paid taxes!  People pay taxes.

What does that mean?  Corporations are business entities.  When Corporations are taxed, the Corporation simply adds the additional cost of the tax to the product produced; which, in turn, is paid by the individuals that ultimately purchase the product.  In other words, it is a stealth sales tax.  If a Corporation can’t pass the cost along to those who purchase their product, they must cut costs in other areas like laying off employees, cutting wages, robotics or automation – or, in some cases, deciding to produce the product in another country where labor costs are much less. 

So, if you favor higher taxes on Corporations, that’s fine.  Just understand that people (possibly you) will be paying the tab.

True Nelson 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bravo! Jeff Thomas Black, Re: Neil Goldschmidt’s Portrait Hanging in Portland Oregon’s City Hall.

Hard to believe, I know.

I don’t visit the City Hall in Portland, Oregon very often.  Actually, I haven’t been there in many years.  But, can you believe that a portrait of Goldschmidt (onetime mayor) was still on public display - really, a self-confessed pedophile?

Well, Mr. Black took it down (stole it) and reportedly burned it.  A public service that ultimately led to his arrest by Portland police.

What can one say about this?  What do all of our past and present Democratic Mayors and Commissioners think when they have walked by the portrait?  If they were to comment, what would they have said?  Oh, perhaps: ‘Well, boys will be boys.’  'Or, maybe, he was a good mayor - sexual deviancy aside.'  Yes, and in response, I would respond hypocrites ‘one and all’.

I don’t know Jeff Thomas Black.  I’m not sure of all his motivations regarding the portrait of a disgraced politician, Goldschmidt.  I just would like to say that the removal of said portrait was long overdue.  And, hopefully, there will not be a replacement forthcoming.

One other thing.  It is to be assumed that the Portland prosecutor will treat Mr. Black with a modicum of respect and leniency.  At least in my opinion.

Read my previous blog post for a little more information on Neil Goldschmidt.  See hyperlink below.

True Nelson

Background information on Goldschmidt

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mother and three young children begging, a bitterly cold day, Oregon City, OR

It was a bitterly cold day in Oregon City, Oregon.  A mother and her three children were 'begging' (Is that too harsh of a term for the circumstance?) at the entrance to a local shopping center. One child was in a stroller, the two other children had to be under nine or ten. The mother held a sign. I can't remember the precise wording - something about desperately needing help. 
I was driving and it wasn't appropriate to stop. It made me kind of sad and angry at the same time.  What has our society become?  Our governmental and charitable agencies seem overwhelmed. Many areas of the Portland Metro area are becoming virtual cesspools. However, I digress.  
The woman... she might have genuinely needed help. But begging is not the answer. Where is local law enforcement at times like this?  No, I'm not suggesting that she has, on the face of it, broken any laws.  Well, perhaps, one might consider the mother's actions a form of child abuse. I don't know. Personally, I think it is humiliating and shameful that a child is subjected to this.  It breaks your heart to see that sort of thing. 
Again, where are our local police?  There had to be patrols in the area.  Said woman needs to be interviewed, helped.  And asked... Why are you out here in the cold begging?  What is your situation?  What kind of help do you require?  Are you being forced to do this by someone else?  And, if her answers are evasive or not forthcoming, I think Child Protective Services should be notified without delay.  


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Oregon Senate Bill 501 / proposed by Oregon Legislature Members Rob Wagner & Andrea Salinas

According to Hillary Borrud’s Oregonian article (1/13/19) State legislators Rob Wagner D – Lake Oswego / Tualatin and Andrea Salinas D – Lake Oswego are going to attempt to run through a ‘gun law’ directed at Oregon’s law-abiding gun owners.  I’m speaking of proposed Senate Bill 501.

Who are these legislators?  Well, you can look it up.  Both Wagner and Salinas reside in Lake Oswego.  OK, that might tell us something.  But, what always troubles me is that those who generally represent us usually have no significant work experience outside politics.  Moreover, I doubt if either has any experience or training with guns – which appears blatantly obvious in their proposed law.

In their rationale (the justification for purposeful new gun laws) they (Wagner and Salinas) reportedly met with Oregon High School students after the Florida school shooting.  And, undoubtedly those local high school students gave them their best ideas for a new Oregon law. “It’s really an important message that we listen to students.”  OK, I suppose.  But, there was no indication in the article that said legislators have bothered to talk to any firearms experts, law enforcement individuals or even a single lawful gun owner.  I don’t know if they own a gun, but one could probably make a good guess on that.

“The legislation would also require people to undergo background checks before purchasing or sharing ammunition and would limit ammunition purchases to 20 rounds within a 30 day period…”

“It would ban magazines that hold more than five rounds of ammunition.”  “The bill exempts .22 caliber revolvers and any lever-action revolver.”  (Not sure what constitutes a lever-action revolver.  I thought I knew a bit about guns, but don’t recall coming in contact with a lever-action revolver - an antique perhaps owned by Rob or Andrea.)

Said proposed legislative bill “would require people to securely store their guns and report the loss or theft of a firearm to law enforcement within 24 hours.”

“If the proposal passes, people… could face severe penalties… anyone who possessed a firearm without a permit could be fined up to $6,250 and sentenced to up to 364 days in jail.”

Apparently, some of the above proposed law’s aspects must have come directly from high school students.  How else can one explain their inanity and lack of gun knowledge?  On the other hand, perhaps I have underestimated the high school students and overestimated Rob and Andrea.


Almost all, if not all, of the magazines in ‘semi-automatic pistols hold more than five rounds.’  This demonstrates the lack of gun knowledge by Wagner and Salinas; and the complete disinterest in even doing basic research.

‘Background checks before purchasing or “sharing” ammunition…’  Question:  Did the people in Lake Oswego knowingly vote for them… really?  Sharing?  Come on!

Folks, if gun laws (like described above) actually get placed in law, brace yourself for the eventual fee-structured licensing of all guns.  License each gun, pay the annual licensing fee, or turn them over for destruction.  Is that where we are headed?

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, this will apply to all of Oregon, not just Lake Oswego.

Is this what the Second Amendment had in mind?  Have Wagner and Salinas even read the Second Amendment?  Do they care?  Doubtful.

True Nelson

P.S.  You can view my ideas for effective gun control - in the sidebar of this blog.