Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 17th, Demonstration in Portland, Strong Police Presence, "Mass Arrests" Possible

I haven’t written anything recently in my blog.  Everything these days is about politics and our society is so divided – especially in the Portland Metro area – that, well, if you have any opinion on almost anything, particularly in support of the President or conservatism, it could be construed by a friend, or even a family member, as offensive.  And, in some instances, with certain people, it could be downright fighting words.  Portland is a liberal stronghold – no doubt about that.

Probably a surprise to some who know me, I want to give my compliments to Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Bureau Chief, Danielle Outlaw.  (Although somewhat guarded compliments I suppose).  Apparently, they have stated they will tolerate no violence or criminality during the forthcoming “gathering” of demonstrators on August 17th in downtown Portland.  “The mayor issued a strong repudiation of instigators” of violence.  And, additionally stated there would be a “strong police presence” with “mass arrests” if required.  (Quotes from the Portland Oregonian, August 7th).  Good for Mayor Wheeler and Chief Outlaw.

I have a feeling that the tough talk and new police tactics should be principally credited to the insistence of the Chief, rather than the Mayor's idea; but what do I know?  The new tactics are a bit late (in my opinion) because, at the last demonstration (riot), left-wing demonstrators (believed to be Antifa) seriously injured a conservative writer, Andy Ngo – brain hemorrhage requiring hospitalization I understand. Not sure any arrests were made – demonstrators are allowed to wear masks (not kidding).  I’m guessing that Wheeler and Outlaw decided that they better take charge and do something - before someone gets killed.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that August 17th will be peaceful. 

True Nelson 

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