Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Fatal Shooting of Diren Dede, a German Exchange Student / Missoula, Montana

Sometimes, when I hear about these crimes, I can understand ‘gun control’ advocates’ frustration.  If it was only possible to give someone an IQ test before they purchased a gun, we’d all be safer.

I’m referring to the shooting involving Diren Dede (age 17), an exchange student from Germany.  Diren was a high school student in Missoula, Montana.  He was shot and killed by a homeowner who was allegedly protecting his property (personal property which reportedly also included illegal drugs, namely marijuana).

What are the facts as we now know them?

·        Diren was involved in the burglary of a residence.  This is considered to be a felony in most states.  I don’t mean to be callous, but we can’t mince words here.

·        The shooter, Markus Kaarma, the homeowner, had previous recent burglaries from his garage – to include the loss of several personal items which, reportedly, also included his stash of marijuana.  Furthermore, and allegedly, he had reported these previous burglaries (not mentioning, I imagine, the marijuana part) to local law enforcement who, reportedly, expressed little interest.  Perhaps, this particular bulleted point can’t be considered factual because of the inordinate use of the adverbs ‘reportedly’ and ‘allegedly.’

·        Kaarma, concerned about the burglaries, purchased motion detection, video equipment for his garage; and then left the garage door open just in case a potential burglar might be deterred by the closed garage door.  Well, actually, and in fairness, Kaarma said he customarily left the garage door open because he smoked cigarettes in the garage, and the open door was for ventilation.

·        Kaarma then waited expectantly for the burglar or burglars to return.  He armed himself with a shotgun, anticipating the potential confrontation.

·        The night of April 27th, Diren entered Kaarma’s darkened garage (which was attached to his residence) intent on stealing something from the garage.  Now, some have contended that Diren only wanted to steal beer or some inconsequential item from the garage, that it constituted more of a game than an actual crime.  The extent of his criminal intentions, nonetheless, are not known; and, of course, are not particularly relevant.  He was there to commit a crime.

·        A possible accomplice, an exchange student from Ecuador, waited nearby for Diren.

·        The video equipment installed by Kaarma alerted him and his girlfriend that someone, unknown, was in his garage.  Kaarma took his shotgun, went around to the front of the garage, and fired four rounds into the darkened garage, killing Diren.

What are we to make of this incident?  Who was in the wrong?  What went wrong?  What are the wider implications?

The above photo was released by Kaarma’s attorney, Paul Ryan.  It shows Diren entering the darkened garage.

To be continued…

True Nelson
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