Friday, May 16, 2014

The Fatal Shooting of Diren Dede, a German Exchange Student / Missoula, Montana (Postscript)

I’m looking for the proper words here.  Is it ironic or paradoxical, or just plain tragic that Diren Dede was shot and killed.  His death, at the hands of Markus Kaarma, was apparently set in motion by the previous illegal actions of one Tristan Stabler and a juvenile associate.  Can we, therefore, postulate that Diren gave his life so that Tristan and / or, perhaps, the juvenile should live?

Stabler and the juvenile have admitted to the two previous burglaries.  Being successful, on the first two occasions without consequences, it is almost certain Stabler would have returned to the open and inviting garage.  Some might opine that, if Stabler was smart, he would not go back to the same house.  It has been my professional experience that petty thieves generally do not have that level of circumspection.  As they say it’s not rocket science.

The Dede killing is more tragic in the sense that, the night he was killed, it was his first venture into Kaarma’s open garage.  What was Dede’s actual motivation?  Was his intention to steal?  Or was it simply immature curiosity?  We will never know.  However, it makes one remember the foolish things that we all did as teenagers.

Life is never fair.  That is a lesson of which we must be continually reminded.

True Nelson
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