Sunday, April 27, 2014

Legalized Recreational Marijuana / US Representative Earl Blumenauer / Bring it on!

Yes, Earl Blumenauer, who I affectionately refer to as the ‘Doofus in the bow tie,’ is for legalized, recreational marijuana.  He is my US Representative; and, undoubtedly will be, until I move out of his district.  As far as I can tell, he is running for re-election unopposed.  As you can see, although I am a life-long resident of Oregon, I’ve come to settle in the wrong part of the State.

If you’ve read my previous two blog posts, you will understand my position on recreational marijuana and why I feel that way.

I would like to point out that Congressman Blumenauer’s position on the marijuana issue is the opposite of mine.  However, I suppose he has a right to his loosely justified position.  He is, after all, singing to the choir.  I’m sure his polling information indicates that most of the Portland Metro area can hardly wait to light-up and eat-up the flood of marijuana products that are on their way.  And, his big brothers, Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley are also for recreational marijuana.  So, what’s Earl got to lose?

Congressman Blumenauer is a typical politician and I don’t mean that in a good way.  He was educated as a lawyer and never held a real job.

When will we ever learn?

True Nelson

"One of Congress' most pro-marijuana representatives, Earl Blumenauer, is running for re-election in Oregon's 3rd District in November."

Friday, April 25, 2014

Legalized Marijuana / Good Idea? / Part 2

In the discussion of legalized marijuana, I want to set aside the medical uses.  I do think that the medical use of marijuana has some merit for certain conditions.  However, I think the whole process lacks proper controls; and is, as a result, out of control.  However, that’s not the topic of the day.

Regarding legalized marijuana for recreational use, I think it’s a bad idea.  I know many of you disagree.  I’m not going to influence, with my opinion, any of the stoners or potheads; or, for that matter, the government legislators ready to rake in additional tax money.  Nor do I feel that I could, under any circumstances, influence the pseudointellectuals who seem to feel that the time has come to legalize pot.

Nonetheless, I do hope that somehow I can touch a nerve with the many responsible parents and grandparents; and that they, in turn, will recognize that legalized marijuana, in its many forms, is not something society needs.

First, regarding the Levy Thamba Pongi situation, one might say that he was an adult and responsible for his own early death at age 19.  I, on the other hand, think that the person or persons (age 21) who purchased the marijuana-laced cookies and other paraphernalia for Pongi’s consumption should be prosecuted for criminal negligence.

More importantly and generally speaking, I believe that responsible adults ought to spend some time thinking about possible consequences.  We will, undoubtedly, be voting on the recreational use of marijuana in Oregon's near future.

If marijuana is legalized, young people and children will have access and consume marijuana products either on purpose, by accident, or furnished them under false pretenses.  Then what?  Are we not as parents and grandparents responsible for what happens to our children and grandchildren?  If not us, then who?  Law enforcement?  The school?

Don’t attempt to rationalize this, or intellectualize it.  It’s simple and it’s up to us.

Is it not true that (Biblical):  They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.

or if you prefer...

Is it not true that (modernized version):  They that make bad decisions should expect to suffer the consequences.

True Nelson

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Legalized Marijuana / Good Idea?

I suppose many of you recently read about Levy Thamba Pongi, age 19, a Wyoming college student.  He and three friends drove to Denver to partake of the now legal marijuana in Colorado.  A friend of his, who was of the required age (21), purchased some of the various products containing marijuana – including some cookies.  The store clerk told Pongi’s friend to divide each cookie into six pieces, and to eat just one piece at a time – apparently giving the consumer the ability to gradually gauge the effects.

Pongi ate an entire cookie.  After a short period of time, he began screaming and throwing things around the students’ shared hotel room.  He then ran from the room, jumped over a railing, and fell four floors to the lobby below.  He died.  Marijuana intoxication was given as the principal factor in Pongi’s erratic behavior and subsequent death.

Several years back when I was working in corporate security for a major forest products company, there was an incident at one of our Northern California facilities.  A young female employee brought cookies to share with the other employees.  The cookies contained marijuana.  This employee was not totally stupid, or perhaps she was, I guess that depends on your perspective.  She did have sense enough to warn employees offered a cookie that they contained marijuana.  Now, keep in mind that this was a lumber and plywood mill with a lot of dangerous equipment.

Another employee, a young male, decided to give one of the cookies to a foreman who he later described as something of a "bad ass."  The young employee thought it would be funny to watch the foreman make a “fool of himself.”  The foreman, an older male in his late fifties, was unaware of the cookie’s contents.

The result was the foreman went into convulsions, suffered near cardiac arrest, and spent several days in the local hospital’s intensive care unit.

I conducted my inquiry and interviewed everyone concerned.  The young female was immediately fired.  During the interview of the young male employee, he seemed unable to grasp the seriousness of what he’d done – stating repeatedly that it was “just a joke.”

I told him that if he thought the foreman was a ‘bad ass’ before, just wait until he returns to work.  However, I said, “You need not worry about that because you’re fired.”  “And, incidentally,” I continued.  "I will be giving a copy of my report to the local Sheriff’s Office.”

“This is a small town,” I told the young man.  “Some people are very angry and you may want to consider relocating.”

To be continued…

True Nelson

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bubba Watson, aka Gerry Lester Watson Jr (Winner Masters Tournament - 2014)

Off theme for my blog, perhaps; but of interest to me.  I belong to an informal group of golfers.  We try and get together to play when the sun shines in the Portland area.  The group’s honcho also organizes a friendly betting pool on major professional golf tournaments.  Yesterday was the final day of the Masters Tournament – a big deal in the golf world.  Although I don’t really spend much time following golf, I always try to enter the pools just for fun.  Surprise, surprise; yesterday I won.  How did that happen?  I picked Bubba Watson to win – which he did.

Actually my associate and good buddy, the same of ‘I Watson’ fame, thought it was a good idea.  I wasn’t so sure.  But, decided to go with it.  Although, I must say that my Mr. Watson slept through most of the tournament.

However, this got me interested in Bubba Watson, the now two-time winning Masters' Champion.  His given name isn’t Bubba, of course.  His name is Gerry Lester Watson Jr., and he was raised near Pensacola, Florida.  He is 35 years of age.  He was a standout golfer in high school and college (University of Georgia).  While in college, he met his wife Angie who was a member of the women’s basketball team.  Incidentally, she is 6’4” tall and Bubba is reported to be 6’3”.

Bubba's Share of the MastersTournament winnings for 2014 is approximately $1.6 million.

Bubba and his wife and child went to the Waffle House for their after tournament celebration.

Bubba sounds like an all-around nice guy.

Congratulations Bubba!

True Nelson

Watson (photo to right) sends his regards, and then decided to take a nap.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Trial / Did He Murder Reeva Steenkamp? / Probably

Most of the information we receive about the Oscar Pistorius murder trial is undoubtedly filtered through American media channels.  It is, nonetheless, an interesting murder, investigation and trial.  Pistorius, a double amputee, known to most of the public as the Blade Runner, stands accused of First Degree Murder in a South African courtroom.  The victim was his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.  Pistorius is currently testifying on his own behalf regarding the circumstances surrounding the night he shot his girlfriend in a bathroom stall.  I won’t try to reiterate the evidence presented and Pistorius’ testimony.  If you’re reading this, you are probably fairly familiar with the trial.

Regarding Pistorius’ courtroom demeanor, I’ve never seen or heard anything comparable.  He has cried, wailed, vomited, agonized, and carried on like no other.

We are either seeing extreme remorse or a potential academy award worthy performance.  It makes one wonder if Pistorius is now, and was previously, a little unstable mentally.  A condition that would have likely contributed to the shooting.

In South Africa, there is no jury.  There is a judge and two ‘assessors’ that assist the judge.  They make the decision.  In a trial like this, with all the drama and involving an iconic South African celebrity, I think the South African system would be more likely than our jury system to arrive at a just verdict.  An American jury might be swayed by Pistorius’ overwrought testimony, but for an experienced, impartial judge that is doubtful.

Based on what I’ve heard of the evidence, I think he will be convicted.  However, the judge may reduce the charge to something less than ‘premeditated.’  Perhaps, murder in the second degree – if they have such a crime.  Murder probably, but murder that occurred during a violent rage without premeditation.

If convicted of anything less, I would wonder if the judge was influenced by the defendant’s popularity in South Africa.  We’ll see what happens.  Apparently, the judge will be required to set forth a detailed analysis of how she arrived at her decision.

True Nelson

Friday, April 4, 2014

Arthur Morgan III (Evil Personified) for the Murder of Teirra Morgan-Glover

Most of us don’t like to spend much time thinking about these things, but we should.  These are the reported incidents that make one question the existence of God.  Do they not?

For the people out there who are against the death sentence for some murders, all I can say is when will you finally awake from your self-satisfied and perpetual apathy?  There is evil among us:  incredible, horrible, inexplicable evil.

In this instance, I am referring to Arthur Morgan III (hopefully, there will never be a 4th).  This creature was recently convicted in New Jersey for the murder of his two year old daughter.  He is expected to receive life in prison without chance of parole.  He’s a relatively young guy so he will probably live many, many years and all at the taxpayers’ expense.

Arthur’s crime was to secure his two-year-old daughter to a child’s car seat, attach a weight to the seat, and then toss this baby girl into a stream where she drowned.  The medical examiner in the case estimated that it would have taken the child approximately three minutes to lose consciousness.

Arthur did this despicable act to hit back at the child’s mother, who was breaking off her relationship with him.

During a police interview, a detective asked Arthur if he said anything to the child before throwing her into the water.  “Yes,” he said.  “I told her I loved her, and I gave her a kiss.”  As he was leaving the crime scene, Arthur recalled, “I still heard some noises.”  “I heard her.  She sounded like she was crying.”  He then immediately beat feet for San Diego.

Are there some of you still out there that are against capital punishment for someone like Arthur Morgan III?  If so, what will it take?

This crime took place in New Jersey.  In 2007, said state abolished the death penalty.  Well, so much for New Jersey’s tough guy image.  You know the one they so proudly run up the flagpole.

Oregon, on the other hand, does have the death penalty, however our Governor, John Albert Kitzhaber, who tragically was ‘neutered’ (figuratively speaking) shortly after reaching manhood, doesn’t have the stomach to enforce Oregon law.

And, for those among you who would like to tell me about God’s ultimate vengeance and/ or forgiveness, don’t bother.  Arthur is probably carrying a Bible everywhere he goes these days.  I’ve seen it before.

True Nelson