Saturday, July 18, 2015

Donald Trump, Game of Thrones and the Wall

Well, Donald Trump seems to be gaining ground in the Presidential poles.  It’s unfortunate, but he does have a certain appeal for many.  What is it about him that attracts supporters?  It’s basic and understandable.  He is perceived as a ‘can do’ personality.

The issue of the day is his proposed ‘impenetrable wall’ between Mexico and the United States, to prevent the flood of illegal immigrants.  Many, including myself, agree with him that the illegal immigration problem is a significant issue that needs to be addressed.

The ‘wall’ sounds good – to some – but it wouldn’t work.  Or, let’s just say it isn't particularly practical and wouldn’t solve the problem.  Most of my career has involved security issues, security measures and facility protection.

Here is what would work:

  • Of course, the border needs to be clearly delineated; and there needs to be some significant fencing and warning signs along the entire border – which, I am almost certain currently exists.  There should be no possibility that someone could inadvertently wander across the border and claim ignorance.  This is just common sense.
  • But here is the real answer that politicians resist for their own stealth reasons.  It is time that this country issued National Identity Cards and developed a system for employers to easily check for citizenship or legal residence. Furthermore, those who employ non-legal residents would be subject to sizeable fines.  For major corporations and those entities who obviously should know better, the fines should be enough to really get their attention.
  • Mexico should be required to pay U.S. costs for the incarceration of ‘illegals’ who commit crimes within the U.S. and / or Mexico must accept and incarcerate the criminals themselves.
  • Other ‘illegals’ (non-criminals) found within the U.S. should be compassionately treated, the matter properly adjudicated, and necessary appropriate action taken – some allowed to stay under certain circumstances – some required to return to Mexico.

So, why won’t the above be enacted?  I will put it to you plain and simple.  Actually, I don’t really have to tell you, because most of you know this already.  Regarding our politicians:

Democrats want the ‘cheap’ votes.

Republicans want the ‘cheap’ labor.

True Nelson
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