Friday, April 4, 2014

Arthur Morgan III (Evil Personified) for the Murder of Teirra Morgan-Glover

Most of us don’t like to spend much time thinking about these things, but we should.  These are the reported incidents that make one question the existence of God.  Do they not?

For the people out there who are against the death sentence for some murders, all I can say is when will you finally awake from your self-satisfied and perpetual apathy?  There is evil among us:  incredible, horrible, inexplicable evil.

In this instance, I am referring to Arthur Morgan III (hopefully, there will never be a 4th).  This creature was recently convicted in New Jersey for the murder of his two year old daughter.  He is expected to receive life in prison without chance of parole.  He’s a relatively young guy so he will probably live many, many years and all at the taxpayers’ expense.

Arthur’s crime was to secure his two-year-old daughter to a child’s car seat, attach a weight to the seat, and then toss this baby girl into a stream where she drowned.  The medical examiner in the case estimated that it would have taken the child approximately three minutes to lose consciousness.

Arthur did this despicable act to hit back at the child’s mother, who was breaking off her relationship with him.

During a police interview, a detective asked Arthur if he said anything to the child before throwing her into the water.  “Yes,” he said.  “I told her I loved her, and I gave her a kiss.”  As he was leaving the crime scene, Arthur recalled, “I still heard some noises.”  “I heard her.  She sounded like she was crying.”  He then immediately beat feet for San Diego.

Are there some of you still out there that are against capital punishment for someone like Arthur Morgan III?  If so, what will it take?

This crime took place in New Jersey.  In 2007, said state abolished the death penalty.  Well, so much for New Jersey’s tough guy image.  You know the one they so proudly run up the flagpole.

Oregon, on the other hand, does have the death penalty, however our Governor, John Albert Kitzhaber, who tragically was ‘neutered’ (figuratively speaking) shortly after reaching manhood, doesn’t have the stomach to enforce Oregon law.

And, for those among you who would like to tell me about God’s ultimate vengeance and/ or forgiveness, don’t bother.  Arthur is probably carrying a Bible everywhere he goes these days.  I’ve seen it before.

True Nelson
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