Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dave’s Killer Bread Founder is back in the Slammer / Dave Dahl / Postscript

I visited ‘Dave’s Killer Bread’ bakery a couple of days back, and it appeared that it was business as usual.  I, too, bought some bread.

Later, I talked to a few people about how they felt about Dave’s scrap with the Washington County Sheriff’s deputies and most seemed rather blasé about the subject.  Oh, they considered it kind of serious, but no reason to stop buying his bread.  Most appeared to want to give Dave the benefit of the doubt.  One person said, ‘Well, if the CEO of Safeway had done the same thing, would you stop going to Safeway?’  My answer was, ‘No, I guess that wouldn’t stop me from going to Safeway – although, I don’t really go to Safeway that often; but that I get the point.’

But, the more I thought about it, the more I felt that the comparison of Safeway to Dave’s Killer Bread was something of a stretch.  Dave Dahl is an iconic figure with a compelling story who is tied closely to his product.  The CEO of Safeway, whoever that might be, is not.

Then my thought process was, if the public was not adequately concerned enough about Dave’s conduct to boycott or stop buying his product, what would it take?

What we know about Dave’s manic, out-of-control behavior is minimal – as far as his mental state or the causative factors are concerned.  We do know that, in the process, he wrecked two Sheriff’s patrol vehicles and injured three deputies.  Furthermore, he led them on a helter-skelter chase that theoretically endangered others in the public.

So, my question is what would it take?  Most would offer that there is no good answer.  It depends.  Yes, I know; but what is the proper answer for the typical, honest, hard-working Joe.  When would he or she say Dave’s conduct is bad enough that I will no longer buy a product with which he is so closely identified?

What if, instead of the above scenario, there was some other scenario?  He ran down and injured a young boy riding his bike.  He wrecked the car of a wounded veteran?  He publicly burned the American Flag?  He used words that were abusive towards minorities or gays?  He spit on one of his employees?  He beat-up his wife (actually I don’t know if he has a wife)?

I guess everyone has their priorities, their hot-button.  I am of the opinion that cops and deputies have a pretty rough job; a job that most in the public would not care to do, even be afraid to do.  I am of the opinion that when you harm someone in law enforcement it is very serious; and the consequences should also be serious.

Will the ‘system’ treat it seriously?  I don’t think so.  Will we ever know what precipitated Dave ‘wild ride’?  No, I don’t think we’ll get the whole story?  Will this all blow over and will it be business as usual at Dave’s Bakery?  Yes, I think that may very well be the case.  Will Dave be involved in something similar down the road, reminiscent of his current brush with the law?  I hope not, but I am doubtful.

True Nelson
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