Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dave's Killer Bread Founder is back in the Slammer / Dave Dahl

I guess that I wasn’t really surprised.  The recidivism for x-cons, like Dave, is extremely high.

For those who haven’t heard, but are nonetheless familiar with ‘Dave’s Killer Bread;’ Dave Dahl, x-con, and co-founder of the aforementioned bread is in the slammer once again, at least temporarily.  He posted $20,000 bond and was released Friday.

Thursday night, Dahl was involved in some sort of manic episode, slamming his Cadillac Escalade into two Washington County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles and injuring three deputies.  The deputies were pursuing Dahl due to his reported dangerous, out-of-control and erratic behavior.  No, Dave didn’t kill anyone – at least this time.

Dahl had used his personal story of x-con goes straight and makes good as a selling point for his various bread products.  Incidentally, it’s very good bread.  I eat it on a regular basis.

Dahl served fifteen years in prison for illegal drugs and associated criminal activity.  When last released from prison, he joined his family business, became very successful on his own, and seemed to epitomize the redemption story of bad to good.  A story that is extremely rare particularly involving success at his level.  The public bought it and supported him and his product.

Whether or not we are seeing the end of Dave or his bread remains to be seen.  Information has not been released as to whether or not his ‘episode’ was a mental breakdown or drug related.  If it’s the latter, that will not bode well for the continued success of his iconic bread.  Dave’s Killer Bread has outside investors that may not want to continue with Dave as their front man.  And, I can’t blame them for that.

If Dave had a mental breakdown, I wish him well; and hope he gets the proper medical help.  If Dave was flying on drugs and endangering the lives of others, the company has a real problem.  The whole product theme and the product itself has just been thrown in the dumpster.

Dave Dahl has a very good lawyer, Stephen Houze.  The other defense attorneys in the Portland area must be getting very envious.  Steve seems to get all the high-rollers that get in trouble.

Will I continue to buy the bread?  Yes, I suppose.  However, Dave’s image and story are due for retirement.  Don’t you think?

What about you readers?  Any thoughts?

True Nelson
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