Saturday, July 23, 2016

Presidential Race 2016 / Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton / Republican Convention Thoughts / Show Biz? (Part 2)

The Republican Convention and the official nomination of Donald Trump was completed Thursday night.  I listened to the entire Trump acceptance speech which ran nearly eighty minutes.  Although the microphone system seemed to be quite adequate, Trump was shouting /yelling most of the eighty minutes.  He did pause periodically to encourage the crowd with various chants; and would occasionally pivot ninety degrees to show his profile and determined, resolute countenance – seemed a little phony to me, but that’s show biz.  I was glad I was sitting in a comfortable recliner rather than being on the convention floor.  I thought he’d never stop.  Trump’s speech was way too long.  He covered a lot of bases.  Some of his goals, I agree with.  Some goals outlined seemed impractical, but perhaps worthy of an attempt.  But as someone later said (and I tend to agree), ‘Right message, but probably the wrong messenger.’  Trump stuck to his teleprompter for the most part, and it wasn’t a bad speech.  The crowd seemed to love it.

Trump repeatedly praised, in various ways, military veterans, said how they need to honored.  But, it sounded a little hollow after the way he had previously ridiculed the military service of John McCain.

Let’s see, what else?  The Trump family gave one speech after another; and to tell the truth, they were all pretty good.  But, it reminded me of that old movie, The Stepford Wives; but, in this case, it was the Stepford Family – beautiful, squeaky clean, and compliant – an illusion I’m sure.

Mike Pence was selected as Trump’s running-mate.  He is the Governor of Indiana.  He gave a very good speech – seems like a nice guy; and even has a normal looking family.  His son is a Marine, Second Lieutenant.  It’s unusual for a politician to have a son or daughter in the military.  In my book that is a positive aspect in the Mike Pence story.

Ted Cruz gave a speech and I caught part of it.  Why he appeared at the convention after Trump had previously insulted him, his wife and his father on numerous occasions, I do not know.  Any real man, in my opinion, would have punched Trump in the face or challenged him to a duel (oh the good ole days when men were men); but certainly not appeared at the Trump convention even to offer lukewarm support.  It only goes to show that you have to eat a lot of s—t for a career in politics.  Senator Cruz, come on, wife and family first, then politics.

Compliments should be given to the Cleveland Police Department, and the other law enforcement agencies that assisted.  The police kept a lid on everything, which I’m sure was no easy task – in view of the current climate in this country – including the recent, cowardly murders of police officers.  I think everyone was expecting some serious conflicts, if not riots; but nothing major happened.

In summary, I’m still undecided if I will vote in this election.  But, I’m starting to believe that Trump has an outside chance of being our next President.  The polls now seem to favor Hillary Clinton.  However, I think the U.S. may be potentially nearing a backlash vote similar to what the U.K. just experienced with Brexit.  We’ll see.  World affairs and terrorist attacks will have a lot to do with the Presidential outcome.

To be continued...

True Nelson
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