Wednesday, July 6, 2016

FBI Director, James B. Comey, Unleashes Odd Rationale Why Hillary Clinton Should Not be Prosecuted. Why? I'll tell you why. (Part 2 / Conclusion)

The question arises as to why James Comey, Director of the FBI, would stand in front of the American public, jeopardize his professional reputation, and willingly ‘fall on his sword’ to protect Attorney General Loretta Lynch and indirectly the Obama administration.  He didn’t have to do it, but he did.

As if Comey was sending us a carefully shrouded message, his most telling comment was:

“To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.  To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions.  But that is not what we are deciding now.”

What did Comey mean?  ‘Justice is not always just.’  Doubtful.  The message was more likely, ‘Sorry folks, but this time my hands are tied.’

What about Comey’s reference to the absence of “intent;” which many of us, including Comey, know is not required for several violations of law associated with this investigation?

What about Comey noting that there is no prior precedent that relates to this situation?  Of course not.  Hillary makes her own way, her own rules.  She is one of a kind and follows rules only when they suit her.  She learned the game from her husband, the Manipulator-in-Chief Bill Clinton.

And in regard to William Jefferson Clinton:  If Bill had called or dropped-by Attorney General Lynch’s office and requested to meet with her.  She would have politely, but firmly, declined to meet with him.  But, she was ‘sucker-punched’ by Bill when he approached her on the tarmac.  Somewhat awe-struck I suppose, she couldn’t deny his request for a brief audience.  Was Bill’s effort to contact her happenstance?  Hardly.  Bill has been around the block more than once, and he knows how to manipulate a newbie to the political scene.  He undoubtedly got his message across.  Perhaps a casual statement like:  ‘Hillary thinks highly of you.’  Meaning – you will probably be staying on if Hillary is elected.  That’s all it takes.  Lynch would have received the message and understood.  Perhaps, in an indiscreet moment, a moment she may even regret, Ms. Lynch let Bill know, one way or another, maybe a gesture of some kind, that no prosecution of his wife would be forthcoming.

Oh yes, the so-called three and a half hour “interview”, which should have been a key factor in determining ‘intent’ on the part of Hillary, was apparently only a formality, a social gathering – ‘eye wash’ for the uninformed.  If there was an interrogation format, who conducted it?  I wonder if it was recorded or video-taped.  I bet it wasn’t.

I have been through more than one deposition, on the receiving end, it is a tense and stressful process.  Subsequently, attorneys can spend days, sometimes weeks, analyzing the transcripts and correlating that testimony with known evidence.  It is clear to me that Hillary’s interview was a set-up, a tea party, and that Comey’s decision was already in the works.  ‘To be clear,’ as Comey might phrase it, the decision was made prior to the interview - the ‘fix was in.’ Moreover, for those of us who have worked criminal cases, the announced decision not to prosecute came too quickly following the ‘interview.’  Something was amiss.

You should understand that Comey’s supervisor is the Attorney General.  Ms. Lynch, almost certainly, had been receiving periodic, probably frequent, updates on the FBI’s investigation.  President Obama was also, without doubt, in the loop and received periodic briefings.  For Ms. Lynch to imply ‘hands off,’ and that she was basically remoted from the FBI investigation is just an absurdity.  All the players including Obama, Lynch and Comey knew, or at least anticipated, that any indictment of a potential nominee for President (as well as the probable future President) could potentially cause a National crisis.  So what to do.

I believe that Comey initially resisted.  He was not willing to participate in a cover-up.  Finally, a compromise was negotiated.  Comey was given authority to criticize Hillary Clinton in whatever manner he saw fit; delineate all her transgressions in as much detail as he wished.  He could use the opportunity to praise the Bureau’s efforts, describe the incredible complexity of the case; but, he (Comey) must then conclude with a recommendation that there would be no prosecutions, no indictments, not even for a misdemeanor, of Clinton or any of her subordinates.  Comey felt compelled to agree.  It was expedient.

By doing so, Comey miscalculated and over-stepped his authority.  But, he insured his continued tenure, even with Hillary Clinton as the next President.  And, additionally, by his personal sacrifice, albeit misdirected, he would protect the organization he represented from future potential repercussions - the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The conclusion of a sad chapter in FBI history.

True Nelson
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