Friday, July 1, 2016

Bill Clinton (former U.S. President) and Loretta Lynch (current U.S. Attorney General) / / THE CONVERSATION

Let’s not be fooled by Bill Clinton’s recent meeting with Attorney General Lynch; and her subsequent decision to recuse herself (recuse with a very small ‘r’).  She has (since the meeting with Bill has been disclosed and widely publicized) stated that she will turn over any final prosecutorial decision (Re:  the Hillary Clinton imbroglio) to career prosecutors within her office.  Don’t believe it.

OK, anyone reading this will immediately think / say:  ‘And why would we care what your opinion is?’  Well, I spent my career in law enforcement and conducting investigations of the most complex nature.  I’ve worked with a U.S. Attorney’s Office as a member of the FBI’s Strike Force.  Furthermore, I have worked with corporate attorneys, prosecutors in several states, civil attorneys and defense attorneys.  You do pick up some things along the way.

Bill Clinton’s reported visit to Loretta Lynch was not accidental, circumstantial, or (as some might opine) just plain ignorant.  Bill Clinton is a wise and an astute politician.  He was President, of course; but he was also Attorney General in Arkansas.  He knows very well that his efforts to meet with Lynch are/were improper.  Additionally, Lynch knows very well that agreeing to meet with Bill Clinton was improper.  Moreover, Clinton did not go out of his way to tell Lynch about his grandchildren.  There is something else going on.

Understand that Bill Clinton is not only the husband of a suspect in a federal crime which is currently under the direct responsibility of the FBI and the Attorney General’s Office.  But, he too may be a potential suspect in a federal crime.  Is it not conceivable that the FBI’s investigation has now expanded to the Clinton Foundation?  Why else would the FBI inquiry be taking this long?  Clearly, the investigation is no longer only about Hillary’s emails.

I’m not sure if the meeting was previously planned by Bill - maybe not.  Maybe the situation presented itself, and he just wanted to gauge Lynch’s body language.  I do think, nonetheless, that the meeting worked almost too perfectly in giving some perceived political cover to Lynch and the Obama administration.  Now, the public will be lulled into believing that the U.S. Attorney General’s official decision will be fact-based and impartial.

Do you believe that?  Do you think that government attorneys working in Lynch’s office, working for Lynch, would not consider Lynch’s opinion?  Do you think that they would throw away their careers for principle?  Well, I don’t happen to believe that.  I’ve seen the game played.

Something will come down – a criminal referral of some sort.  The FBI Director cannot spend all of this investigative time and money and not come up with something – not without becoming a law enforcement laughingstock.

I would say Hillary will probably be charged with some sort of misdemeanor.  She will make a public, perhaps tearful, apology; and continue on.  She will be forgiven by most.  Nobody is perfect.  Right?  And Hillary will be the next President of the United States.

True Nelson
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