Monday, February 24, 2014

Kyron Horman, Terri Horman, Kaine Horman, Desiree Young / and the Imponderables

I’ve been thinking about some of the imponderables associated with Kyron Horman’s disappearance.  Agreed, there are many; but here are a few that have been on my mind.  Some of you will have others.

  • ·      Has the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office now relegated the Kyron disappearance to the cold case files?  They can’t possibly have one or more deputies currently assigned to this investigation.  Leads must have long since dried-up.  They just don’t seem to discuss it anymore.  Furthermore, what about some of their past edge-of-the-seat comments?  ‘We’ll have more by August.’  Of course, they didn’t mention what year they were talking about.

  • ·        Why did Desiree give up her civil suit?  It was her one best chance to keep the investigation before the public, as well as develop new information.  Was it about money?  If so, why didn’t she ask for help?  There are attorneys and private investigators who would have probably taken the case pro bono, or on an expense basis only.  But, she seemed to let the opportunity pass without any sort of tangible reason.  I know she seemed to blame it on the Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecutor – and that they wouldn’t turn over their investigative results.  But, let’s be real.  Everyone familiar with the system knew that would be a very long shot.  Also, and I’ve discussed this several times, why didn’t she name the school district in the suit?

  • ·        What about the child custody case currently before the court – Terri Horman and Kaine Horman?  Under the circumstances, any judge would have to be unhinged to give unsupervised custody to Terri.  That’s just not going to happen.  Even a supervised visit by the estranged mother, Terri, would be disturbing to the child.  Don’t you think?

  • ·        Did Terri fail one or two polygraph tests, or did she not?  Do we know that for a fact?  And, if so, what part of the polygraph test was she presumed to be deceptive?

  • ·        Why has Terri Horman refused to consistently cooperate with the inquiry into the whereabouts of Kyron?  Why has she surrounded herself with attorneys and apparently invoked the Fifth Amendment, on more than one occasion, as a shield?  I know she / they claim it is because of the alleged ‘murder for hire’ situation.  I say that is nonsense.   Regarding that particular issue, the SO and prosecutors don’t seem to have any prosecutable case – little more than he said – she said.  No, the MfH claim is a ruse by her attorneys to protect her from talking about the disappearance of Kyron.  If the alleged MfH plot is the sticking point, why doesn’t the prosecutor give her immunity from that charge in exchange for her complete cooperation in the disappearance of Kyron?  No attorneys, no Fifth Amendment, just the complete cooperation of a normally concerned parent of a missing child.  Not a lot to ask or expect.  Is it?

  • ·        Who is paying for all of Terri’s attorneys?  Her parents?  If so, they must be pretty well-set.  And, why would they be willing to sink their life-savings into a situation like this?  Are her attorneys working pro bono or at a reduced rate?  I doubt it.  Steve Houze is one of the most expensive attorneys in the Portland area; and much of his money he wants upfront.  Why does Terri require a celebrity attorney when other very qualified, less expensive attorneys are available?

  • ·        Is the Sheriff’s Office inquiry now prefaced on the recovery of a body?  And, if so, how would that change anything?  The only difference is that there is a factual crime, at that point, but there is not, probably, any additional evidence – at least not at this late date.  Depending upon where, when, and the condition of the body - very little evidence will remain.

  • ·        What’s with the school?  How did they manage to skate free of any involvement in Kyron’s disappearance?  There was no negligence on their part?  None?

  • ·        If they can’t identify a suspect – they being the SO or prosecutors – who have they eliminated?  They don’t have to necessarily name names, but it seems they could give periodic updates – rather than the vague generalities the public is expected to swallow – unchallenged.

  • ·        What were the details with the cell phone pings emanating, reportedly, on Sauvie Island and attributable to Terri Horman’s cell phone.  Mere rumor or fact?

  • ·        Why does the whole issue with David Durham, his shooting of a police officer on the coast, and his subsequent disappearance, without a trace, still hang there like a conspiratorial misfire?  What about his connection to Sauvie Island?  What about Terri’s?  Was there any indication that Terri Horman knew him?  Did they have common friends or associates?  Common habits or pursuits?  Illegal drugs?  Why does ‘disappearing without a trace’ seem like a possible common denominator?  After all, someone, like Kyron or David, disappearing into ‘nothingness’ is rather rare.

  • ·        How long will Terri Horman endure her self-imposed exile to Roseburg?  When will attorneys Houze et al lose interest?  When will Terri’s financial backing be exhausted?  Why does she not leave the State and start a new life elsewhere?  Have the prosecutors blocked her from doing that?  Does she expect to be vindicated?  Then what?

True Nelson
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