Monday, June 30, 2014

Megyn Kelly's Interview of Bill Ayers / 6-30-14 / The Kelly File

I watched the interview of Bill Ayers by Megyn Kelly.  It was on at 6:00PM on the West Coast (The Kelly File, Fox network).  I thought she did a very good job and seemed well-prepared.  The second half of the interview is on tomorrow.

Bill Ayers is, of course, very adept at justifying his political and social beliefs.  After all, he’s been doing it for the last forty years.  I think he must be feeling that he is nearing the end of the road, as many of us do, and that he needs to put a shine on his legacy – hence the books and the interviews.

As a former FBI Agent who was in the 70’s assigned to the Weatherman Squad in San Francisco, it aggravates me that he is able to have this public forum to continue his self-promoting lies – lies that he has repeatedly told and polished for decades.  More importantly, I think Kelly’s interview, although she certainly tried, will not have altered a single person’s point-of-view.  That is pretty clear to me based on the people that I know.

For those in the military and law enforcement that Ayers has oft-maligned, and for those the Weatherman harmed, I’m sorry; but it’s time for us to realize that no one really cares anymore.  And, when the final chapter is written, we will be forgotten and Bill Ayers will live on – a hero to some and a great intellect to others.  Such is life.

True Nelson

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