Sunday, June 29, 2014

Megyn Kelly Interviews Bill Ayers, Kelly Files, 6PM, 6-30-14 (the Fox Network)

I’m encouraging my readers to watch Megyn Kelly’s interview of Bill Ayers at 6PM, PDT, 6/30/2014 (Fox Network).  I’ve seen a preview and it should be interesting.  I hope she nails the little twerp.

I realize that some of my best friends are Liberals; and that they tend to avoid Fox whenever possible.  But, just this once, for me, and old friend, tune-in.  What can it hurt?

I was a member of the FBI’s Weathermen Squad, assigned to the Berkeley Resident Agency in the 70s.  I invite you to click on the following hyperlink.

I think you will find some of my personal observations and experiences to be good background for subsequently viewing Megyn Kelly’s interview.

Thanks for joining me at 6PM, Monday evening.

True Nelson

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