Thursday, June 26, 2014

Darrion Holiwell, Criminal and Corrupt Cop / King County Sheriff's Office (Seattle, WA) / Part 2

Which brings me to the point that I would principally like to make.

I believe that the final disposition, for Darrion Holiwell, and the other departmental personnel involved, will be relatively minor.  Why?  Because the Sheriff will try to minimize the severity of the issue to protect the department and his own reputation as an administrator.  The King County Sheriff, John Urquhart, should be, I suppose, offered some slack in that he has been the Sheriff for less than one year.  But, he has been a member of said Sheriff’s Office for decades.  That he had no knowledge of Holiwell’s dubious behavior over the last many years, is really hard to accept.

When I was in corporate security for a major company, I investigated an embezzlement which occurred at one of our facilities.  The Purchasing Agent was responsible for the theft – and the inquiry reflected that no one else, with the company, was involved or had knowledge of the theft.  I remember the subsequent telephone conference call with the CEO of our company.  I sat in an office with the Mill Manager, and listened to the CEO’s directives.  He said he had read my report and thought about it.  As a result, the Purchasing Agent was to be terminated and I was to coordinate my findings with local law enforcement to ascertain whether or not prosecution was indicated.  We all agreed.  Secondly, the CEO directed that the Mill’s Controller / Accountant be terminated.  I attempted to interject that there was no indication whatsoever that the Accountant was aware of the misappropriation.  However, the CEO cut me off.  ‘Mr. Nelson,’ he said, ‘it doesn’t matter to me whether or not the accountant was aware of the theft.  It was his job to be aware.  He was the supervisor.  He is to be terminated.’  I saw the look on the Mill Manager’s face.  He was thinking that he might be next.  That did not occur – at least at that particular moment.  And, would have been, of course, something the CEO probably wouldn’t have done in my presence.

My question here is who was supervising Holiwell?  How many others were involved or knew what was going on, but did nothing?  These factors will be exposed in court in excruciating detail in any subsequent trial.  Therefore, a trial of Holiwell is one of the last things the Sheriff wants to see.

I think Holiwell will be fired or more likely resign.  He may be asked to make some sort of restitution.  If there is a conviction, it will be for a misdemeanor.  I think Holiwell will not serve any serious jail time.  The Sheriff will make some meaningless personnel reassignments within the department (a smoke screen).  The issue will drag-on for a period of time until the public generally loses interest.  The smoke will clear.  Business as usual.

True Nelson
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