Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Oregonian, this State’s leading Newspaper, Supports Legalized Recreational Marijuana (Bad Idea – Part 3)

I was glancing through today’s Oregonian (Portland’s major newspaper) and the Editorial Board has issued another ‘pick for the November 2014 election.’  This particular editorial, however, covers a subject matter that pertains to Lake Oswego voters and an issue which I know little or nothing about.

But, and I’ll be darned, the Editorial Board has decided to start identifying themselves.  I wonder if they read my previous blog post.  And, who are these esteemed and very knowledgeable individuals?

They are N. Christian Anderson III, Mark Hester, Len Reed and Erik Lukens.  Well, I googled them.  Interesting.  Nonetheless, what I found does not explain why their editorial on Legalized Recreational Marijuana appears to have been written by an eighteen-year-old, first year journalism student.  Could there be a young, ambitious ghost writer involved?

Before I continue with my critique of their support for the legalization of marijuana, I want to introduce you to the Editorial Board:

N. Christian Anderson III:  He is Chris Anderson, the Oregonian’s publisher.  His entire career has been in the newspaper business.  Before coming to the Oregonian, he was a consultant for media companies and, prior to that, the publisher and CEO of the Orange County Register.  Reportedly, he was raised in Heppner, Oregon where he delivered the Oregonian newspaper as a boy?  OK, sounds like a nice guy, but probably too busy to read and approve, much less research and write, the editorial on legalized marijuana.  Although, of course, he may have offered his off-the-cuff personal opinion; which would have held considerable sway with his subordinates.

Mark Hester:  Mark is an Associate Editor for the Oregonian – started with the Oregonian in 1996, Business Editor until 2005 when he became the Sports Editor.  Entire career in journalism.  Grew up in the South, BA from Mississippi College and an MBA from University of Texas.  Previously, he worked for the Spokesman-Review in Spokane.

Len Reed:  Len is an Associate Editor – joined the Editorial Board in 2010.  He writes on the environment, energy, education, science and culture subjects.  He was formerly with the Los Angeles Times.  He is a graduate of Trinity College in Connecticut, and is a former John S. Knight Fellow at Stamford (I’m not sure what that is, but sounds impressive).

Erik Lukens:  Erik is The Oregonian’s editorial and commentary editor.  Does that mean he actually writes the editorials?  Anyway, he worked at the Bulletin in Bend from 1998 to 2012.  Prior to that, he worked at the Trentonian in Trenton, NJ.  “He and his wife have three boys and a dog.”

Well, so now we know.  These are the gentlemen who advise you on how to vote on the question of legalized recreational marijuana.  Are you OK with that?

That said, in addition to my previous stated background, I, too, have a dog.  And, Watson happens to agree with me about the marijuana issue.

To be continued… but not tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a special day for me.

True Nelson
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