Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Oregonian, this State’s leading Newspaper, Supports Legalized Recreational Marijuana (Bad Idea – Part 2)

I would like to address each of The Oregonian’s (Portland’s major newspaper) comments in support of the legalization of recreational marijuana (Measure 91); and I will.

But first, you must understand that the majority of voters in the Portland Metro area will vote for legalization.  Why?  It’s their nature.  What more can I say?  The Oregonian’s Editorial Board simply reinforced that public inclination.  Portland residents, many of them, not all, take pride in their community’s outlier status.  You even see bumper stickers like:  KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD.  OK, that’s kind of cute and harmless I suppose, but it makes it difficult to enter into a serious discussion with these folks.  Which may explain The Oregonian’s superficial discussion of Measure 91.  Furthermore, many in Oregon, tend to take their lead from California and Washington.  It’s kind of an inter-state inferiority complex.  We don’t want to be considered backward.

Well, let’s get started and discuss The Oregonian Editorial Board’s principal points for the legalization of recreational marijuana:

The Oregonian Editorial Board“Oregon has had a wink-wink, nudge-nudge relationship with recreational marijuana use since 1998, when legalization for medical purposes created a wide-open system that distributes pot cards to just about anyone with a vague medical claim and the signature of a compliant physician.”

The Oregonian Editorial Board“But let’s be honest:  recreational marijuana is all but legal in Oregon now and has been for years.  Measure 91, deserves Oregonians’ support, would eliminate the charade and give adults’ freer access to an intoxicant that should not have been prohibited in the first place.”

True’s Comment:  If you read the above two, very weak statements by the ‘Editorial Board,’ they seem to be saying that the previous laws, particularly those involving medical marijuana, were poorly enforced anyway so let’s just shortcut the whole system and legalize the drug.  I suppose we could use that argument for many of our poorly enforced laws.  What about driving under the influence?  Fraud in our various social welfare programs?  Prostitution?  Gun violations?  Probation Violation?  Car theft?  Burglary?  Some of you who don’t live in Portland are now saying, ‘hold it, just a minute.’  ‘Our Sheriff, our police department investigates and prosecutes car theft and burglary.’  My response is, ‘Why not try living in Portland for a while and see what response you get from the PD when your car is stolen?’  Their response is generally:  ‘You might try contacting your insurance agent.’

But, let’s stay with the illicit drugs that are particularly attractive and harmful to young people like marijuana.  For example:  anabolic steroids, cocaine, inhalants, ecstasy, purple drank, bath salts, salvia, spice, various prescription drugs (OxyContin, Vicodin).  More intoxicants and harmful chemicals, for ingestion by our youth, are being discovered and developed every day.  And, let’s get one thing absolutely straight regarding the marijuana issue; marijuana is addictive and it does do permanent damage to the brain – primarily in young people.  If you have a moment and really care about our youth, please visit the following website and educate yourself:

This may not matter for many members of this State, but marijuana is still illegal under federal law.  Even if you don’t actually use it, sending it through the mail is a federal offense.  The bottom line here is that this is no way to make law.  How is the typical citizen supposed to understand or respect the law when our governing bodies can’t agree?  More importantly, The Oregonian’s position is irresponsible in recommending such a conflicting law.

To be continued…

True Nelson
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