Monday, March 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton / Will She be Prosecuted? / My Prediction Regarding the Email Scandal

I have a prediction regarding the outcome of the FBI’s case regarding Hillary Clinton, her ‘Private Home Server’ and the errant emails.

The Feds are currently, or close to, impaneling a Federal Grand Jury to hear the evidence regarding the above stated investigation.  The FBI has expressed interest in interviewing Mrs. Clinton and she has offered her cooperation – at least for now.

What we now know is that at least three of Mrs. Clinton’s staff members are also under investigation.  Brian Pagliano who, reportedly, set up the questionable private ‘server’ in Mrs. Clinton’s residence has agreed to be interviewed by the FBI in exchange for immunity.  He had originally invoked the Fifth Amendment.  Pagliano’s original position against potential self-incrimination may mean little.  It doesn’t mean that now he will necessarily be entirely forthcoming.  But, he will undoubtedly receive an intense grilling.

The State Department has released over 50,000 pages of emails that passed through Mrs. Clinton’s private, and officially unauthorized, private server.  Twenty-two of those documents have the highest classification of Top Secret, and will not be released to the public.  Mrs. Clinton has said that none of the messages she received, or the information contained therein, were ‘classified’ at the time she received them.

While in the military, I was Custodian for classified documents (including Top Secret) – sent and received; and have some understanding of how such material is handled.  It is conceivable that new information received, and not immediately or officially Classified, could have been relayed on to Mrs. Clinton by her Staff.  And/or her Staff could have paraphrased, summarized or reissued Classified messages without advising Mrs. Clinton that the original information had been Classified.

That is possible, I suppose.  However, one would have to totally ignore the fact that Mrs. Clinton was not just working at the State Department, she was heading the State Department.  She was the boss.  If she had no idea what type of information may very well be classified, her incompetence would have to be off the chart.  It’s hard to even imagine.  No, I think she knew.  I think she simply didn’t care.

In view of the above, I’m of the opinion that Mrs. Clinton will not be prosecuted unless a potential prosecution is an absolute ‘slam dunk.’  And, what would that be?  Well, if she doesn’t confess to a crime (which she won’t, of course) and / or self-importantly lie to the FBI, any subsequent trial’s outcome could be somewhat in doubt.  The Attorney General will not take the chance – not with Clinton’s apparent ‘slam dunk’ of the Democratic nomination for President.

I do think there will be some indictments.  Some of Mrs. Clinton’s former staff will be required to ‘fall on their sword.’  They will be prosecuted, given light sentences, probably probation.  When Mrs. Clinton gets to be President, she can give them a full pardon.

So what do we know about Mrs. Clinton?  Well, we all pretty much know her and her husband’s reputation, their modus operandi House of Cards – in spades.  “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is…” --- Benghazi.  Truth be damned.

True Nelson
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