Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz / I’ve made my choice / Tell you why:

OK, admittedly, I sometimes go off half-baked when it comes to politics.  But, it’s my blog, so if you’re not particularly interested in what I think about the Presidential race, just hit delete now.  
There are plenty of ‘talking heads’ (experts / at least in their own minds) out there.  I’m not an expert on this area, just a guy.  My opinion is no more valid than anyone else.  And, I do understand that.  But, here goes.

Short of an indictment, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President.  Some of you are happy with that – the nominee part, not the indictment part.

I am an officially ‘unaffiliated’ voter in Oregon.  I just changed my registration to Republican, because I’d like to have a say in who the Republican nominee is.  In Oregon, it will be winner-take-all.

Oregon is a ‘liberal’ state, for the most part; and the Democrats will fight over Bernie or Hillary.  I really don’t care.

I do care about the Republican nominee – Trump versus Cruz.  I’ve kind of researched them both.

Let’s see – Trump first:  Donald Trump projects himself as a ‘tough guy,’ and therefore appeals to real, authentic tough guys – the hard working class – the tell-it-like-it-is class.  I like those people.  I don’t like Trump.  Why?  Because he is, in no way a ‘tough guy’ by my definition.  He was born rich and I’m sure he has never broken a sweat doing any sort of hard labor.  Why does that matter?  Because for those of you who have – and I have – he is ‘jerking’ us around.  Was he a draft dodger?  Looks to me like he was.  But nothing new about that – that’s just what rich people did – student deferment changed to 1-A (for a short time) and then converted to 4-F under doubtful circumstances.

OK, what about his policies?  The 40 foot wall along the Mexican border – hyperbole at best – lying to the public at worst.  There are more sensible ways to solve the illegal residents’ problem.  Enforce the current law is the one I would start with.  That’s what every other country (with a lick of sense) does.  Simply said:  no work unless you are a citizen or have a valid temporary work permit.

And the rest of his polices?  Reportedly, he’s going to be doing a lot of ‘kicking ass.’  Yes, right, like he has ever kicked anyone’s ass in his entire life.  Unless you want to count his body guard shoving someone around, or being sued by him – in other words having someone else ‘kick ass.’

Now, for Cruz:  I must admit, he was not my first choice.  My first choice for the Republican nomination faded away weeks back.  That’s the way it goes I guess.  So, Cruz will have my vote here in Oregon.  I generally have a low regard for attorneys.  I’ve said this before; attorneys, in my opinion, often have a character flaw that is hard for me to ignore.  To me it boils down to a highly questionable tendency in attorneys that everything is ‘relative.’  There is no right or wrong – it just depends - and, of course, money talks.  It’s their nature.  And, unfortunately, attorneys often become politicians.  Now, I’ve met a lot of good people who were attorneys; but, as a general rule, I stand by my opinion.  Cruz is an attorney; and I understand he is, professionally speaking, a very good one.

So, you might ask, by your definition is Cruz a ‘tough guy?’  Well, I’m not sure.  One thing for sure is that he doesn’t constantly try and make us believe he is.


Donald Trump:  ‘Let’s go outside and I will kick your ass.’  Outside, you will find that Trump is nowhere to be seen.  His 6’8” body guard and his attorney are there instead.

Ted Cruz:  ‘Let’s not resort to violence.  Let’s have a debate about the issue.’  And, when the debate is finished, your head spinning, you will have to admit that he ‘cleaned your clock.’

Who do you want to be President?  I’ve decided.

PS:  I finished my taxes yesterday.  I went immediately after that to my Anger Management Class.

True Nelson
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