Saturday, April 9, 2016

The FBI and Director James Comey; Hillary Clinton and Handcuffs

During a recent interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Hillary Clinton laughed when Lauer suggested that some Republicans were predicting she would be “hauled off” in handcuffs. She referred to the notion as a “fantasy,” stating the FBI inquiry was merely a “security review.”

Well, there has been a lot of discussion on the Hillary situation within the former Agents’ underground network – nothing specific however.  Director Comey is playing this investigation close to the vest – the word being that any information leaked by current Agents would be punished severely, and that the polygraph would be used to ferret-out any potential ‘leakers.’  OK, but that hasn’t necessarily put a stop on the many informed opinions, at least I consider them to be informed opinions, circulating.

I don’t think we are going to see Hillary Clinton taken anywhere in handcuffs – even though many would be tickled to see her get the same punishment as the average Joe.  But let’s be candid here, that’s not how the world works.

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Here are some additional thoughts…

Director Comey, unless he has ice in his veins, must be under a lot of pressure.  What are the potential outcomes of this FBI investigation or, if you prefer, security review?

Let’s put forth some potential scenarios:

What if this investigation drags-on and there are no criminal referrals or indictments generated by the FBI?  Comey will be criticized for wasting millions of taxpayer’s dollars on a bogus inquiry that could have been handled far more efficiently, without the drama, by a more professional investigative agency.

What if Hillary doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, and Comey does not pursue any sort of criminal prosecution?  His continuing to delay the process will be blamed for sabotaging Hillary’s campaign.

What if he waits until she has been nominated by the Democrats, and then he drops the bomb?  He will be criticized for that and accused of playing politics in an effort to undermine her election.  The fallout could be significant, disastrous to the political process, riots in the streets, and fodder for all the conspiracy theorists for the next decade and beyond.

What if he makes an official, criminal referral to the Department of Justice, and they refuse to prosecute?  Does he resign?  Doubtful.  Director of the FBI is a good job and pays well.  No one could blame him for shrugging his shoulders and moving on to other matters.  He still has time to polish his legacy.

What if Hillary’s negligence, incompetence and/or criminal behavior involves the President?  One does wonder if he, too, exchanged emails with his Secretary of State (H.C.); and was also so clueless that he did not recognize this was not such a good idea.  Or, perhaps the President’s staff?  The Vice President?

Certainly, someone, other than Hillary’s immediate henchmen or hench-women were aware that Ms. Clinton was bending, if not breaking, the rules / that she was compromising security and the potential safety of others – you know the guys and gals that actually do the dangerous work.

Let’s go Director Comey – better get with it.  I don’t think the American public will be satisfied with a ten-thousand-page report saying ‘I’m sorry, but hundreds of Agents over these many months, couldn’t find that anyone, including the former Secretary of State had done a darn thing wrong.’  Perhaps, as a face saver, the Attorney General could critique Ms. Clinton’s State Department with a carefully worded, for the most part non-accusatory letter of understanding – suggesting some improvements.

No, realistically speaking, someone will have to take the ‘fall.’  Hillary – doubtful.  Hillary’s immediate staff – a good possibility – and no one of particular importance would have been hurt in the process.  Comey – who knows – maybe this will be a career ender.  I’m sure the Director has thought about it.

True Nelson
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