Sunday, April 17, 2016

Three Friends (two liberals and one conservative) analyze the Presidential Primary Candidates

My two best friends and I met for lunch last week and current events were on the menu.  My friends are good guys – lifelong friends; but are pretty much (unfortunately at least from my perspective) liberal Democrats.  Residing in the Portland Metro area, the life of a liberal is actually pretty easy – surrounded by a massive support system of like-minded people.  On the other hand, being politically conservative can be rather lonely at times.  Nonetheless, friendship can usually overcome disagreements.  Let’s see, what did we discuss?

No surprise there, we discussed the primary race and the candidates.  Is anyone talking about anything else?

On the Democratic side, we all three generally agreed that Bernie Sanders was the ‘man,’ ah, sorry, the best candidate.  Democrats that I’ve come in contact with don’t readily admit they plan to vote for Hillary.  If, however, she is the Democratic nominee, I’m sure my friends will give her their vote.

Incidentally, I just finished a book written by Ed Klein called ‘UNLIKEABLE; The Problem with Hillary.’  If you are thinking about voting for Hillary, read it.  OK, OK, my friends will now be searching the internet for information on Ed Klein.  Tomorrow morning they will email me information from some obscure source that Klein is a past Nazi sympathizer or member of the Ku Klux Klan, maybe both.  Although Ed’s name sounds like he might be Jewish which would give me a very solid counter argument.

Ed, if you’re out there somewhere, don’t let me down on this.  Is what you said about Hillary accurate?  I would like to say I was shocked, but...

I’ve kind of committed to voting for Ted Cruz (no relation to Tom Cruise and the Scientology connection) – so I’m safe in that regard.  My friends sum-up their opinion of Ted Cruz as:  ‘Just don’t like him,’ ‘Everyone in Washington hates him,’ and ‘He’s too in-your-face religious.’  OK, got it.  I counter with:  ‘Right, well, I hate most everyone in Washington’ (maybe hate is kind of a strong word).  Let’s just say, I don’t care much about what the Senators and Congressmen think about Mr. Cruz; and firmly believe our elected officials spend almost all of their time thinking about themselves and darn little else.  Regarding the religion part, I’m fine with that; but I think Cruz should tone-it-down just a tad – now that he’s not campaigning in Mississippi.

So what about John Kasich?  One friend informed me that ‘no one likes him in Ohio.’  That might be true for all I know.  As you can see, I’m running out of good counter arguments, and out-gunned two to one.  Although -- it does seem somewhat odd that he is the Governor of Ohio, but no one likes him.  Maybe, it’s a new thing.

Oh, and as far as Donald Trump is concerned, we all three agreed that Donald Trump is totally ‘unlikeable.’  Mr. Klein, how about another book called ‘Unlikeable Too?’  I enjoyed reading the earlier one.

True Nelson
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