Friday, April 29, 2016

The FBI, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Hoffa and my thoughts.

The investigation involving Hillary Clinton seems to drag-on into dim uncertainty.  We all are aware of the allegations against Hillary and her private ‘server;’ as well as her reported disregard for State Department procedures and relevant federal laws.

Furthermore, I understand that the Clinton Foundation is also under investigation; but, in that instance, ethical lapses and improprieties may not be considered a federal crime – or will they…  There is some talk that the private ‘server’ used by Hillary was actually set up and paid for by Bill Clinton’s staff in furtherance of the ‘Foundation’ goals.  What does that mean?  At this point, I’m not quite sure.  Conflict of interest – almost certainly.  Crime – don’t know.

What I will tell you is that I’m becoming more and more convinced that the ‘fix,’ or attempted ‘fix,’ is ongoing in the Hillary case.  Let’s be very clear about the status of this case and the resources dedicated.

As we all know, the FBI has practically unlimited resources of money and investigative personnel.  Additionally, the Hillary case is undoubtedly complicated, but it is not the most difficult type of investigation handled by the FBI.  This inquiry has suspects available to be interviewed, actual evidence in a potential crime to be evaluated, and a presumably top level priority; but nothing seems to happen.  The FBI is starting to appear inept – even foolish.  More likely, deals are in the works.

For comparison, let me give you an example of what I might consider a difficult FBI investigation or series of related difficult investigations:  The focal point, for the purpose of this discussion, is the disappearance and presumed murder of Jimmy Hoffa.  This case and some of its off-shoots are still open cases to this day (perhaps now considered pending inactive cases) with the FBI.

Hoffa’s disappearance occurred in July of 1975.  I was an Agent in the FBI at the time.  More than 40 years have passed and the Hoffa case remains unsolved – even though hundreds, dare I say generations, of FBI Agents have worked on the investigation over the years.  I, too, played a small role in attempting to develop an informant who believed he could help the Bureau locate Hoffa’s body.  It didn’t happen.  Why was he murdered?  Uncertain - other than he had enemies.  No doubt about that.

A brief summary:

Jimmy Hoffa, former President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, was a powerful and politically connected operator / criminal with close ties to the ‘Mob.’

Robert Kennedy (US Attorney General 1961 to 1964) with the concurrence of his brother and the President, John Kennedy, decided to put the full-court-press on Organized Crime, with particular emphasis on Hoffa.  The FBI, under Hoover, was given their marching orders.

As a result, Hoffa was convicted of various Federal crimes to include fraud and attempting to manipulate a Federal Grand Jury.  He was sentenced to thirteen years in Federal Prison.  Appeals followed, but he was finally incarcerated.

His sentence was subsequently ‘commuted’ by President Nixon when Hoffa had served about four years in prison.  There were rumors that Nixon received a bribe, but no evidence of that was produced.  However, in appreciation for Nixon granting Hoffa early release from prison, the IBT endorsed Nixon during his 1972 Presidential Campaign.  Odd, in a way, because the IBT customarily endorsed Democrats.

Water mostly over the dam at this point, but is an example of an FBI investigation taking a long time, involving numerous suspects, innumerable crimes and elusive criminal associates.  In fact, the Hoffa disappearance (alleged murder) is just one aside to the ongoing comprehensive investigation first demanded by Robert Kennedy in the 1960s.

Now, back to the inquiry involving Hillary.  It is hard for me to believe that the Clinton investigation is taking as long as it has with literally nothing to show.  In this matter, they presumably have a prima facie case involving Clinton or those very close to her.  After all this time, I certainly hope so.

Secondly, as the months pass, the FBI hasn’t even gotten around to calling Hillary Clinton for a preliminary interview.  The FBI Director, James Comey, when asked, simply reiterates that the FBI is being thorough.  Sorry, I just don’t buy it anymore.  Clinton creeps ever closer to the Democratic nomination for President; and Comey says he is being thorough.  Hundreds of Agents, millions of taxpayer dollars, months of investigation – and he’s being “thorough.”  I don’t believe it.  Something is in the works.  Something that has little to do with ‘equal justice under the law.’

Sounds like the good-ole-Nixon days, doesn’t it?

True Nelson
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