Thursday, May 14, 2015

Leonard Peltier Murdered FBI Agents John L. Coler and Ronald A. Williams (Part 3 - Conclusion)

When you read about those who are advocating for a Presidential pardon for Leonard Peltier, Robert Redford seems to be one of the principals pushing that action.  I’m always suspicious of celebrities.  What exactly is their real motive?

For example, Robert Redford is a very rich man; a pampered, insulated man.  If he was sincerely concerned about Leonard Peltier, one might ask why he doesn’t just open his wallet and hire the best attorney in town for Leonard.  But, you see, Redford isn’t going to do that.  He gets more play for his money advocating a cause.  It’s trendy – gives him something to talk about at cocktail parties I suppose; makes his life seem just a bit more meaningful, maybe even benefits his career in certain circles.

Furthermore, Redford knows that the attorney route wouldn’t work anyway.  Peltier has already appealed his case through various legal channels; and those appeals have all failed.  So, Mr. Redford will pursue the Presidential Pardon route.  He knows President Obama is probably receptive to the idea – the President being a celebrity junky in his own right.  And, hell, screw the FBI Agents.  They’ve been dead for forty years anyway – who really cares.

Some of the other celebrities like Willie Nelson and Pamela Anderson – well, does anyone really take anything they say seriously?

I guess my questions for Mr. Redford would be, ‘Will you really be happy when Leonard Peltier, a convicted murderer, walks?’  ‘Will you invite him to your home?’  ‘Introduce him to your family?’  ‘Really?’

As a young Agent who spent a couple of months at Wounded Knee, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, during the 1973 dust-up, I do take this a little personally.  The thought does cross my mind that this could have been me.

True Nelson

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