Monday, January 25, 2016

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge / Current FBI Procedural Directive (Stop and Interrogate) Boot-Leg Copy Obtained

If you read my previous post, you will have noted that I gave the FBI and their local law enforcement compadres my recommendations for what they should be doing.  They, however, decided against my plan, at least for the time-being.  The FBI does have formalized directives issued to the on-scene agents and support personnel.  And, I was able to obtain a copy of the FBI’s current plan.

The FBI has decided that daily briefings on the actions of the ‘occupiers,’ and the collection of massive background data is sufficient for now.  It must be said that the FBI’s plan is and has been somewhat frustrating to the public, as well as Oregon Governor Kate Brown who noted the ‘standoff’ has been ‘pretty darn costly to Oregon taxpayers’ ( I think the latest figure was $500,000).  The FBI’s Special Agent-in-Charge, nonetheless, would find the Governor’s complaints rather uniformed and puerile; and would undoubtedly counter with ‘whatever the Oregon taxpayers have paid-out, the feds have spent ten times that amount.’

My source is keeping me apprised of the FBI’s investigative efforts regarding ‘MalBirdRef.’  It is the FBI’s custom to designate a case name that will facilitate and focus in-house communications; hence the case name ‘MalBirdRef.’  The following recently obtained SOP should clarify much of the public’s concern about whether or not the FBI is actively and credibly involved in resolving the ‘occupation’ of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  In that Bureau procedural directives can be somewhat confusing to the uninitiated, I have included my own explanation of each directive – my comments in italics.

MalBirdRef Standard Operating Procedures / Effective Instant Date

All investigators (FBI and Local Law Enforcement support personnel) objectives:  Identify, conduct background, interview when possible and fully document information concerning the following persons-of-interest (POIs):

Under this directive’s objectives, of particular concern are visitors, supporters and potential Bundy converts, from the following states.  Vehicles registered in those states should be stopped and a field interrogation conducted to determine the reason for the driver being in Oregon, and specifically in Harney County.  Applicable States:  Montana, Idaho, Nevada and New Hampshire.

True’s explanation: Montana, Idaho and Nevada are ‘Red’ states bordering Oregon; and moreover Nevada is Ammon Bundy’s home state and potential supporters might follow him to Oregon.  New Hampshire was added to the stop and interrogate list because of the State Motto on their vehicle plates – “Live Free or Die.”

Stop and Interview:  Any operator and passenger of a four-wheel-drive truck (Ford, Chevy, Dodge) holding two men and no women.  Foreign made four-wheel-drive trucks are considered low priority, unless other directives apply.

True’s explanation:  Two men together (not that there is anything wrong with that)… objective unclear.

Stop and Interview:  Men with beards, particularly untrimmed beards and associated slovenly appearance, driving older model vehicles, or in some instances stolen government vehicles.  Baseball caps worn backwards are a negative indicator.  Cowboy hats are a discretionary call.

True’s explanation:  Seems pretty clear to me.

Stop and Interview:  Drivers of any vehicle bearing a military theme license plate or other similar identifiers.  This directive would also apply to personal apparel, indicating the driver is or was a member of the military, or simply thinks military apparel is cool.

True’s explanation:  Most current FBI Agents were never in the military and are highly suspicious of those who would volunteer for that kind of duty.  Furthermore, they understand that many military members have been traumatized by their experiences and are therefore unpredictably confrontational and prone to join right-wing organizations like the VFW.

Stop and Interview:  Driver of any four-wheel-drive vehicle flying the American Flag.

 True’s explanation:  It’s believed that flying the American flag in this manner is highly questionable behavior indicating neurotic patriotism and instability.

Stop and Interview:  Driver of any vehicle bearing identifiers that said driver and/or passengers are religious extremists.  (Church of Latter Day Saints is the exception to this directive to avoid aggravating Wildlife Refuge occupiers.)

True’s explanation:  Religion is always a touchy subject, particularly in this instance – so, I better skip-it here.

Stop and Interview:  Any individual displaying guns, weapons or associated paraphernalia, to include gun racks in rear windows of vehicles; unless the driver is a ‘certified’ member of the Wildlife Refuge occupation.  In that eventuality, he or she should not be bothered in that such contact could lead to a confrontational situation.

True’s explanation:  Do I have to explain everything to you?

True Nelson
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